Sneak Peek into Singapore’s Unique Experiences

A city with its diverse culture and modernism going hand in hand, Singapore can easily be cited as a culturally rich and modern place. It has an incredible amalgamation of sites that are steeped in history along with places that speak volumes of the city and its people’s contemporary lifestyle. With this vibrant mix, a Singapore tour package can be exciting and fun since the city has many unique experiences to offer to every visitor. While in the city, you can get to all the Singapore sightseeing destinations quickly and through budget-friendly ways by buying a bus ticket online.

Other than the usual Singapore attractions, visitors to the city can have several other exclusive experiences. To get the real feel of this island city, visitors should include these hidden gems to their itinerary list along with the usual Singapore tourist attractions in their itinerary.

MacRitchie Reservoir Tree Top Walk

Away from the sound and concrete jungle, experience nature’s beauty at the MacRitchie Reservoir Tree Top Walk, a suspended bridge overlooking the lush green forest down below. The bridge connects the two highest points – Bukit Pierce and Bukit Kalang, which is a distance of about 250 meters. This place is one of the many Singapore tourist attractions that you would love to visit. Visitors can get to the MacRitchie Reservoir Park by including it in their Singapore tour package itinerary or take a bus ride to the destination.

Pulau Ubin

If you are tired of the noisy city life, include Pulau Ubin in your Singapore sightseeing itinerary list. It may not be one of the places of Singapore tourist attractions, but it is definitely worth the visit. Home to green forests, rustic appeal, marine life, and numerous bird species, Pulau Ubin is a rare picture of Singapore’s past. Unlike the contemporary lifestyle of the city, this north-eastern part of the island gives you a different picture. 

The best parts of Pulau Ubin are the numerous types of marine life that are to be found at Chek Jawa. A walk on the boardwalk takes visitors through the mangrove. Apart from other Singapore attractions, visitors would do well to visit this place. So tourists should make sure to include this place in their Singapore tour package. Find many hidden gems of nature either by cycling around on a rented bicycle or foot. To get to this place, take a bumboat ride from Changi Point Ferry Terminal to Pulau Ubin Jetty.

Grabbing a Meal at Hawker Centers

Singapore is known for its incredibly delicious food, and it is one of the leading Singapore attractions for tourists. If, after a long day of Singapore sightseeing, you are looking for authentic, cheap, and tasty local food, look for the nearest Hawker’s Center. Hawker Centers are part of Singapore tourist attractions. These food courts have several food stalls under one roof selling different food options right from salads and burgers to local dishes.

Check what to eat when in Singapore!

A Visit to China Town

A visit to China Town is one of the must-see Singapore attractions for every tourist. Make sure to include a visit to Chinatown in your Singapore Tour Package to immerse yourself in the unique Chinese culture. Walk through the lanes of Chinatown, and you will come across shops selling interesting and unusual stuff. It also has many local restaurants where visitors can get some authentic Chinese cuisine. The place also has the Maxwell Food Center, one of the best Hawker Centers in the city where visitors may find some real hidden gems in the form of local cooks.

You may get to Chinatown either by cab or if you wish to curtail your traveling expenses, buy a bus ticket online to get here.

Midnight Shopping

Like food, shopping is also one of the favorite Singapore attractions for people visiting the city. Several shopping centers operate well until midnight. The ChinaTown Night Market offers more than just a shopping experience to the shopping fanatics. Mustafa in Little India is a 24-hour shopping center. Visitors to this shopping hub will find everything right from cosmetics, clothes, shoes, food, and electronic gadgets to money exchanging agents.

Night Trip to the Zoo

If a visit to the zoo at night is not in your Singapore tour package, then make sure you include it in your itinerary list. However, since it started in 1994, it has become one of the many Singapore tourist attractions. The Safari starts with the Thumbuakar Fire show with the tribal warriors showcasing their skills with fire. There are also various trails to walk through and watch the animals. The most exciting part of the Night Safari is the guided tram ride through six different geographical zones. Visitors can either take a cab ride, which can be on the higher side or buy a bus ticket online, which will not pinch their pockets.

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