What to Eat When in Singapore

Food is undoubtedly one of the best things to experience in Singapore, the city being a melting pot of diverse cuisines. It incorporates an incredibly beautiful and rich heritage of dishes, including Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, and Malaysian. This diversity can be viewed clearly in the list of places to go in Singapore. From the humble food carts of Singapore street food to fine restaurants and shopping malls, the food scene is exciting. The list covers every cuisine and style you must taste and can be easily accessed through booking bus online tickets.

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Street Food in Singapore  

Hawkers selling delicious food items can be seen anywhere and everywhere in Singapore. Some of the most famous food centers are the Newton Food Center, Amoy Street Food Center, Maxwell Food Center, and the Lau Pa Sat. The Newton Food Hawkers Center is one of the most popular food spots which has been featured in many films. Once here, you can try the barbecue sambal stingray and a plate of duck noodles. 

The Amoy Street Food Center is home to both modern and traditional tastes at very affordable prices. You can find Singapore street food and classic dishes like lor mee and fish porridge. To get to many of these centers, you can book online bus tickets. 

Korean Food in Singapore

Singapore has a constant love for Korean dishes. There are many Korean restaurants to fix your cravings for the delicious Korean cuisine. For tasting home-cooked Korean dishes, the Big Mama is an ideal place to be. The signature dish here is the Dakgalbi made with vegetables, tender chicken, sweet potato, rice cake, and spicy sauce. A lot of Korean students visit this place to have an affordable and homely meal.

An old fashioned restaurant with authentic Korean dishes, the Todamgol Korean restaurant is a popular spot at the Tanjong Pagar road for Korean food in Singapore. The signature dish in this Korean Food restaurant is the Bibimbap, and this restaurant is an excellent spot for late-night dining.

Mexican Food in Singapore

There are various joints for authentic Mexican food in Singapore. The first restaurant you can visit is the Muchachos that will provide you with a blend of delicious Mexican-Singapore street food. Here, people could taste some authentic dishes like quesadillas and burrito bowls, and to complete the experience, pair the meal with Jarritos soda and side of guacamole and chips.

Cafe Iguana is another amazing Mexican flavored place to go in Singapore. The place is a blend of delicious US-Mexican food Singapore with chili con queso and jugs of signature margaritas. It is ideal for families, casual dates, and large groups. La Salsa is another hip and trendy place where you can find classic and no fuss Mexican dishes. It is a great weekend spot where you can enjoy food with live music.

Thai Food in Singapore

A very affordable and casual restaurant for Thai food, Singapore, is the Nakhon Kitchen. With various authentic Thai delicacies, there is always a rush in these restaurants. People wait in queues for classic Thai food in Singapore because of the efficient staff and fast servings.

You can find a menu with simple Thai-Singapore street foods at the Ah Loy Thai Restaurant. It offers simple but very delicious dishes making it a fantastic restaurant to visit in Singapore. 

Peranakan Food in Singapore 

Peranakan food in Singapore is an incredible blend of cultural cuisines combining Indonesian, Chinese, and Malaysian ingredients and techniques of cooking. For traditional Peranakan food Singapore, the Blue Ginger offers the best experience. With classic dishes like chap chye, ngoh hiang, and ayam buah keluak, both the locals and tourists enjoy it equally. 

Nothing beats the delicious and home-cooked food at the House of Peranakan Petit. With homely dishes to warm people’s hearts, the restaurant creates a very nice and comfortable ambiance.

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