Singapore Heritage Sites to Keep on Your Bucket List

Are you looking for a vacation hotspot to nurture the cultural anthropologist in you? Believe it or not, Singapore is a perfect destination. Fantastic for a quick getaway, visitors touring South-East Asia almost always have the city as one of their pit stops. 

From majestic palaces and old bunkers to beautiful memorials and museums, the city has several heritage sites that are full of visitors every day. What makes visiting most Singapore heritage sites even more irresistible is the excellent transport network. Just hop on to an MRT line, and you are there. 

So if you were planning to take some time off, exploring Singapore heritage would be an experience that you will not easily forget. To save you some googling, here are some must-visit sites and places if you ever find yourself on a heritage trail in the city. 

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Haji Lane

Don’t be fooled by the name. The lane’s walls are filled with beautifully colourful murals and the place itself is the perfect spot to spend some leisure time. You will find everyone from middle-aged women to young hipsters here who are either out for a stroll or shopping for quirky accessories. 


Located at Kampong Glan, Haji Lane is one of the most famous heritage sites in the city. You can get here easily from Bugis MRT Station. However, if you own a vehicle, you can find it at 21A Haji Lane, 21A Haji Lane, Singapore 189214, or take a bus directly to 21A Haji Lane. 

Best Known For

The lane is famous for its shops, which are a favorite destination for tourists and locals alike. Head to a store called Eighty Two Tales, where you can find pretty souvenirs to take back home. 

Kranji War Memorial

One of the most historical places in the city, the Kranji War Memorial was built to honor the soldiers killed in the line of duty during World War II. The place also hosts graves of 69 Chinese soldiers who were killed during the Japanese occupation. With over four thousand white gravestones, the entire area is serene and peaceful. 


Located at 9 Woodlands Road, Singapore 738656, the Kranji War Memorial is one of the best Singapore heritage sites on offer. 22 kilometers inside the main city, it’s quietly nestled amidst a lot of serenity.

Best Known For

If you are in the city in November, then there is a gigantic remembrance ceremony held on the 11th of the month every year. Thousands flock to the memorial to take part in the celebrations. 

Peranakan Museum

Peranakan is one of the world’s most precious creole cultures. If you search for Peranakan Singapore online, the museum is the first thing that it will recommend to you. It is a perfect way to understand more about the Peranakan culture and a soak in some more Singapore vibe while in the city. 


Getting there isn’t difficult as you can just walk towards 39 Armenian Street, Singapore 179941. Otherwise, bus numbers 106, 197, and 61 go there as well. 

Best Known For

Head upstairs where several Peranakan porcelain items are kept in addition to jewelry, clothes, and artifacts exhibiting a Hokkien dialect.

Katong and Joo Chiat districts

If you are a war buff, then head to the districts of Joo Chiat and Katong. With a lot of pre-war architecture, these districts are an integral part of the Singapore heritage sites. There are several quirky cafes spread around as well if you want to take a bite along the way. 


With a convenient location of 113 East Coast Road, getting to the districts of Katong and Joo Chiat isn’t a hassle. You will find several buses that will drop you very near to it, or you can just hop into an MRT and walk the rest of the way.

Best Known For

Best known for Baroque Peranakan architecture that you will notice across shophouses built in the traditional style way back in the 1920s. Not far from here would be Soon Seng Road, where you will see many pre-war terraced houses. The animal reliefs lend a bizarre but unique finish.

The Battle Box

A unique heritage site in the city, The Battle Box holds special significance to the people as this was the place where General Percival surrendered to Japanese forces in 1942. With nearly thirty rooms located underground, The Battle Box has become a popular museum and a place of attraction. You will find several rooms dedicated to specific battles with wax statues and moving figures. 


It is located at 2 Cox Terrace, Fort Canning Pak. There is an entry fee of US$12, so plan accordingly if you would like to visit. Getting there isn’t difficult as you can catch a bus or a taxi. 

Best Known For

You definitely shouldn’t miss the conference room where the surrender took place. There are wax statues that capture the solemn mood in the room that day. 

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So if you are visiting Singapore, and would like a taste of its heritage, hop on over to these interesting places and create some truly unforgettable memories by booking an online bus ticket via redBus.