Must-Visit Events in Singapore in 2020

Singapore is always full of exciting festivals and events that keep its residents and visitors on their toes. In this list, we have picked the best of the Singapore events 2020, so no matter what time of the year you are visiting, you can be sure to attend the most happening things in the city. Here are some of the upcoming events in Singapore: 

The Singapore Airshow 2020 

The biggest aerospace event in south Asia, Singapore Airshow 2020, continues a long tradition of biennial airshow events featuring the latest aerospace technology, defense, and civilian aircraft and aerobatic displays that wow the attendees.

The event will be attended by 54,000 representatives by more than 1000 companies and will be held from 11th to 16th February. 15th and 16th February shows are open to the public, where you can go and experience the thrilling maneuvers of fighter jets and check out the interior cabins of the latest civilian aircraft. The event will be held at the Changi Exhibition Centre.

Singapore Art Festival 

Enthusiasts of culture and arts are in for a blast at the Singapore Arts Festival between 15th to 31st May as the country’s largest arts event showcases performances of different artists from the city and around the world.

The long festival features a diverse variety of art forms, painting competitions, international film screenings, and everything related to it. The highlights are the street performances that light up entire neighborhoods. You will also get to enjoy music and street food all around the city.

Dragon Boat Festival

One of the most popular long-running events in Singapore is the Dragon Boat Festival, which is also known as the Duanwu Festival. This Chinese festival, which falls on the 5th day of the 5th month of the Chinese calendar, is a grand cultural event. To catch it, you will have to head to the Bedok Reservoir and cheer for the national and international teams that participate. Held on 25th June 2020, this is a must-visit event if you are a fan of wine and rice dumplings!

The National Day

Celebrating its freedom from Malaysia, this is one of the most important events in Singapore. It’s also a national holiday with the whole city-state participating in the military parade and the display of its diverse culture, heritage, and power. The highlight of the national day is all the fireworks displays held at different places. The best one happens at Marina Bay.

Must-visit 2020 Concerts in Singapore

Jazz fans are in for a treat on 18th February at the Sands Theatre with Kenny G, the world-renowned saxophonist performing his best hits. The greenies would love Garden Beats as they return on 29th February at the Fort Canning Park along with name other bands promoting eco-friendly living and environment initiatives. Fans of Green Day can catch the band on their Hella Mega Tour on 8th March at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Among the other concerts in Singapore that will get metalheads excited is the Slipknot concert on 24th March at the Fort Canning Park, City Hall.

Lantern Festival

The spring lantern festival held on the 15th day of the Chinese New Year is one of the most magical sights you will run into in Singapore. The epicenter of all the festivities in Chinatown, where you will see children carry paper lanterns outside, light them up and release them into the sky. The thousands of lanterns lighting up the night sky is nothing short of an incredible sight. The event in 2020 will be on 13th September, and you can also enjoy the Moonfest Chinese Arts Festival performances with savoring delicious Mooncakes.

Singapore Food Festival 

Organized by the Singapore Tourist Board, the food festival is one of the best events in Singapore that is a must-try for all the visitors. Food enthusiasts would love the spread of delicious local fare all over the city. There are also food competitions and celebrations of local perennial dishes. The event will be held from 17th to 24th July. There will also be classes on how to prepare some of the best foods from Singapore.

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Some Free Events in Singapore

It won’t have to cost you a lot to have the most fun while you are in the city. There are plenty of free events you can attend and enjoy the wide range of things to explore in Singapore. Try sitting at a staged performance at the Esplanade or a live show by a local artist and enjoy the stunning view of the surroundings. Visit Scape on Saturdays without a ticket and cheer for the performing bands and upcoming musicians. Head to Singapore Botanical Gardens and enjoy the free musical performances at the park.

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