A Glance into Singapore’s Wildlife

With beautiful flora and fauna, Singapore is home to some of the best local and exotic animals. In Singapore, you can easily find some amazing species of animals like White Tigers, Orangutans, Dolphins, Otters, Monkeys, Civets, Clown Featherback, Spotted Eel Loach, Asian Arowana, Six Banded Barb, and Elephants. Many beautiful birds can also be spotted in bird parks and trekking trails in Singapore! Here is a list of the best species of animals, birds, and aquatic animals that you must see during your trip to Singapore.

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  1. Banded Leaf Monkey

The Banded Leaf Monkeys, also known as the Raffles’ Banded Langur (named after the scientist who discovered them, Sir Stamford Raffles), are one of the non-human primates that can be found in Singapore, locally. Unfortunately, this unique mammal is on the verge of extinction.

Where to find: The Banded Leaf Monkey can be found in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. You can get down at Opp The Nexus bus stop.

2.       Singapore Whiskered Myotis

Though these are very small, these species are a part of the Vesper bats family. The bats are often rolled up in the banana leaf and are insectivorous bats. The bat is only a part of the beautiful Singapore Wildlife.

Where to find: These wild animals are found locally in Singapore, and you can find them in various trekking trails.

3.       Lesser Mouse-Deer

The Lesser Mouse-Deer is an endangered species that mostly feeds on leaves and fruits. These beautiful creatures have a little, oval-shaped body with a height of about 48 cm. The mice have many fascinating abilities to survive in the wildlife, such as the ability to hide stealthily. The mouse is a unique part of Singapore Wildlife.

Where to find: The species can be found in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. The nearest bus stop is Opp The Hillside, and you can book online using redBus.

4.       Pied Oriental Hornbill

The Pied Oriental Hornbill is a canopy bird that belongs to the family of Bucerotidae. These are one of the most beautiful birds in bird parks because of their huge red-hued and yellow beaks. The bird also goes by the names of Malaysian pied hornbill and Sunda pied hornbill.

Where to find: one of the best bird parks, Singapore, where you can find this beautiful species of wildlife is the Jurong Bird Park, Singapore. The nearest bus stop is the Jurong Bird Park.

5.       Wild Pig

Descended from the Indonesian native pigs, the Wild pigs can be found on Pulau Ubin, the wooded areas of Singapore. These pigs are omnivorous, and they eat animals and plants to survive in the wild. The Wild pigs are also called wild swine or Eurasian wild pigs.

Where to find: These wild animals are generally found in the forests and pavements of Singapore, and you can easily spot them. 

6.       Sea Turtle

The green sea turtles are one of the seven sea turtles’ species on the planet. These turtles normally live in the sea and return to land only for laying eggs on Singapore’s Sandy beaches. If you are lucky, you will be able to see baby sea turtles heading towards the shore. These are an endangered species, and it is important to protect them if you spot one of the shores.

Where to find: The Adult Sea turtles are usually spotted near the Southern islands. Some lucky people were able to see the baby sea turtles on the East Coast Park and the shores. You can book tickets to Marine Cove bus stop using redBus, to reach East Coast Park.

7.       Dolphins

Animal lovers are surely going to be excited to spot dolphins in Singapore! These are usually spotted in the Sentosa Island, where you can see bottlenose dolphins very close and even have chances to interact with them.

Where to find: You can find Dolphins in Sentosa Island. Dolphin Island is one of the most exciting attractions that kids enjoy in Singapore. They also offer close interaction along with underwater interactions. The nearest bus stop to Sentosa Island is the Sentosa Pavilion.

8.       Asian Fairy Bluebird

The Asian Fairy Bluebird is glossy black and blue in appearance, and they feed mostly on fruits. These beautiful creatures can sometimes feed on little insects.

Where to find: They are usually found in Jurong bird park, Singapore, one of the bird parks, Singapore. There are many other beautiful species of birds at this bird park, Singapore. You can get down at the Jurong Bird Park bus stop.

Keep in Mind:

  • If you are planning on taking the night safari, then it is better always to carry an umbrella or a poncho because the area has a humid atmosphere.
  • Always wear comfortable footwear because most animals and bird parks involve a lot of walking.
  • Always have sunscreen and insect repellent to avoid suntans and unexpected bites.
  • Never share food with the animals unless the park allows it.
  • At the Jurong Bird Park, never feed the bird outside food since the birds follow a strict diet.  

Singapore has a large collection of beautiful creatures that can be found in various animals and bird parks, Singapore. redBus can definitely take you wherever you want to go to have a glance into the Singaporean wildlife.