Try These Water Sports in Singapore!

Singapore is a global metropolis and industry center. This city attracts numerous visitors to the city-state. In recent times, tourists are attracted to this unique and lovely country. The heart of the town in Singapore offers outstanding cuisine and shopping malls for tourists. Water sports in Singapore are the biggest attraction. The city weather is always hot and humid, so it’s natural for the visitors to dive into the warm water and try other water sports. If you are looking for an adventure or an escape from the sun, these water sports in Singapore will not disappoint you.

Diving into the water is the perfect way to cool off from the Singapore sun. If you’re looking for a change of scenery, then try some water activities in Singapore. The warmer Singapore climate makes it an ideal place to enjoy a dose of sun, sand, and surf. Here’s a list of the top watersports and activities in Singapore which trigger thrill-seekers in you.

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The most popular water activity in Singapore is kayaking. You can enjoy Kayaking around many islands of Singapore. The Singapore Sports Center offers Kayak rentals at an attractive price. The adventure specialists provide facilities to those who want to enjoy an experience on the water. Kayaks touring can be enjoyed with your family members and children above seven years old only. Surely it is one of Singapore’s most common water sports.


Unleash your inner thrill-seeker by jumping, looping, and spinning on the blue Changi waters. Are you looking for sailing and surfing? Then Windsurfing will be the perfect alternative. In comparison to surfing, you have a wind-driven board. Usually, local guides are available to show you the basics of this sport.


If you’re looking to fly on the ocean, then you can choose flyboarding in Singapore. The flyboarding for beginners involves a hydro flight package that moves you across the water, where you can fly and ride like Jetpack Dave. Professional coaches and tools for water sports are available at these places. It is one of Singapore’s most popular water sports.

Stand-up Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding stand-up is an alternative for surfing. This water sport is a pleasure for fitness and fanatics to learn. It will be a complete workout session for your muscles and arms. Treat yourself in nature on a longboard and paddle on a double-bladed oar in calm waters.

Dragon boating

Dragon boating is an innovative water sport in the Singapore region. Singapore Dragon Boat Association is the perfect place to sync teamwork. Dragon Boating offers an intensive full-body exercise. Be ready to work in harmony with your other boat mates. If the other teammates don’t work together, you’re not able to move faster in water. For your office team-building event, it is a better activity to be considered. Looking for exposure to this ancient sport? You try with Dragon Boat Innovation. They deliver a 2.5-hour basic course to strengthen your bonds and rush your adrenaline.

Jet Packing

Sentosa’s Ola Beach Club is the only jet-blading location in Singapore. In addition to being a fun game, jet blading checks your strength and helps you balance. Jet blading is a sport that uses a controlled water-powered device to push you into the air up to 30 feet. However, beginners don’t have to worry as the trained instructors are available at Ola Beach Club. You can rent out jet skiing for an hour or more in Singapore. You can also do incredible stunts in the air. Remember that you can participate in this water sport only if you weigh above 45 kg and below 100 kg.


This modernizing water sport helps you to surf on a specially designed board. Singapore Wake Park provides wakeboarding with security facilities. Those seeking instruction should opt to pay extra bucks to book an instructor, which includes basic classes. Packages here are pretty excellent, with basic instructions for beginners and equipment. This sport is one of Singapore’s most popular water activities.

Banana boating 

You’re not going to travel long for the Banana Boat ride as Ola Beach at Sentosa offers it at a reasonable price. Float on the top of the water through the banana boat, which can accommodate up to ten people at Siloso Beach. Bring your family and friends up the breeze of the sea and the warmth of the light!. Visit this place in the evening for a beautiful view of the sunset.

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