Experience nature at its best in Klang

Discover life and nature at their purest form in the beautiful land of Klang, which is located in the heart of the Malaysian state of Johor. Begin your day with an energetic jog along the scenic trails or get a pump of adrenaline dose with adventure sports. We have compiled a list of places to visit in Klang Johor that is sure to irk up your interests if you are a nature-lover.

UK Farm

Located in the southern state of Johor, the UK Farm comes under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry, Malaysia. Being Malaysia’s largest goat and sheep farm, spreading across 100 acres of grazing land, this farm also has exclusively 20 acres of an orchard that comprises a wide assortment of exotic fruits such as passion fruit, rambutan, soursop, durian, to name a few.

This quaint farm utilizes the optimum mix of traditional and latest fruit plantation techniques, goat, and sheep rearing, which gives a unique learning experience to the visitors. With accommodation and attractive packages to avail, some of the special activities provided on the farm include horse-riding, lessons for passion fruit juice making, campfire, various DIY activities, sheep challenge, horse carting, night tour, hydroponic planting, and the Kong Ming Lantern.

Gunung Lambak 

Being one of the most sought out destinations in the town of Klang, is the Gunung Lambak, a sight filled with breath-taking scenery. Gunungs are Malay for mountains. There are several Gunungs located in Klang in the state of Johar making it a perfect location for nature enthusiasts to take a trip to for the holidays. Located 510 m above sea level, Mount Lambak is one such place with twin peaks. Popular among the locals for hiking or trekking, the trail starts near a Kulang hotel located on the outskirts of the town with several stops to wash up or change along the route making it highly convenient for everyone who wants to enjoy every bit of this recreational forest. 

Gunung Belumut 

Not falling short on serving the tourists with an abundance of natural flora and fauna, Ganung Belmut is another hiking hotspot for tourists, especially for experienced climbers to hike up to the summit at 1010 m height. Accessible all year-round, this trail is located 18 km east of Klang, Johor is the second highest peak in the state of Johor. Gunung Belumut is a peaceful attraction that will add the right amount of fun yet adventure experience to your vacation. 

Sungai Yong Waterfalls 

Situated along the way up to Belumut Mountain, the Sungai Yong waterfalls offer a beautiful view to its visitors with its gushing waters surrounded by dense vegetation. The waterfalls go down a small gorge and have seven tiers in total, all of which are accessible to the public and can be reached through trekking. The well-maintained recreational area has pavilions along the riverside for visitors to rest and has a natural pool playground where the tourists can spend a good time bathing or relax in their tents at the camping pitch. Surrounded by various trees and creatures, the calm waters among the woods top the list as one of the awe-inspiring places of Kulang

Zenxin Organic Park

Zenxin organic park is a one of a kind spot located in Kulang. Primarily focussed on teaching the visitors about the principles, and virtues of organic agriculture, this huge organic farm gives a first-hand experience on how fresh food reaches our plates. This organic park offers tours to explore their substantial recreational infrastructure with lush green spread all over apart from their in-house gardening supply shop, restaurant, and Farm mart with organic supplies straight from the farm that you buy and relish right at the spot. From animal rearing to harvesting/picking your produce, this edutainment destination packages so much for its visitors to learn and savor. Travelling to Zenxin Organic Park is a piece of cake when you can easily book a bus ticket online.

Kulang is the sanctuary to some of the veiled mountain ranges, picturesque trails, gushing waterfalls, and breath-taking views of nature that you can experience by staying at a quaint Kulang hotel or a resort. Escape the buzzing city lives for a while and immerse yourself in the spectacular scenes that nature has to offer.