Cross-Border Buses and Bus Tickets from Singapore with redBus

When you have a day or two to spare after your vacations in Singapore, pack your bags, cross the border, and check out the best of Malaysia! While you can still take a flight to the Malaysian Airport, why go through all that hassle when Malaysia is only around six hours away from Singapore on the road! For some people, crossing the border by land can be stressful, especially when it is the first time. However, there is nothing to worry about as long as you have all of your travel documents and are not going for anything else other than tourism. Read on to learn more about cross-border buses and what you could look out for when travelling from Singapore.

Cross-Border Bus Routes

Some of the most popular cross-border bus routes are:

  • Jurong East Interchange- JB Sentral Terminal
  • Kranji MRT- JB Sentral Terminal
  • Buona Vista MRT- Gelang Patah Sentral
  • Yishun Interchage- JB CIQ
  • Woodlands Interchange- JB Sentral Terminal
  • Queen Street Terminal- Larkin Terminal
  • Changi Airport- JB CIQ
  • Queen Street Terminal- Larkin Terminal
  • Resorts World Sentosa- JB CIQ

Currently a number of bus operators provides cross border services –

When booking your bus ticket online, you could check out the various routes and choose one based on which is more convenient to reach your destination! Booking bus online tickets becomes so much more profitable with amazing discounts and offers on redBus. 

Why should you get a bus ticket online?

Instead of visiting a physical counter for your tickets, the best option is to book Singapore bus tickets online on redBus. The process will save you a lot of time and effort and help you compare and choose from the list of operators and services. This will also help you keep your seat as soon as possible since cross-border routes are pretty popular, and the tickets get over fast! 

Why cross the border on land?

The biggest reason for crossing the border on the road is that it is the most affordable option. Flights can help you reach Malaysia quickly, but these can also be expensive. Therefore, for people looking for a budget-friendly alternative to reach Malaysia from Singapore, the best option is to take a bus running on cross-border routes. Moreover, if you are interested in seeing and experiencing the daily lives of people living in Malaysia and Singapore, then taking a bus is the best option. This way, you can observe and experience the little things these countries have to offer. 

However, there might not be any direct options to your required destinations when crossing the border through buses. So, make sure you know where the bus transfers take place to avoid any hassle. 

Tips for a hassle-free border crossing

Here are some tips to help you know what to expect when crossing the Malaysian-Singapore border:

Know your bus number

You will be taken through several procedures when crossing the border, and for most of these, you will have to step off the bus. In most cases, you will be required to board the same bus to continue the journey. So it is best to note the bus number, the plate number, and even the colour of your bus to avoid any last-minute carelessness.

Know what to bring

During your Exit check, you will only need your travel documents and passport along with your valuables. Sometimes, they might ask you to leave your bags on the bus for the border patrol to inspect, but in such cases, do not leave anything valuable on the bus. 

Be alert 

Generally, there is nothing to worry about when crossing the border, but always pay attention to what is going on. Keep an eye on your travel documents and valuables, and make sure you have researched the travel restrictions on the country you are entering. 

Now that you know everything about having a quick and hassle-free border crossing, all that is left is to go online to redBus and book your bus ticket online now!