What You Should Keep in Mind Before Booking Malaysia Bus Tickets

If you are in Singapore and planning on traveling to Malaysia by bus, you should choose wisely to get the best travel experience. The road distance from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur (the capital city of Malaysia) is around 358 KM, and it takes around 5-6 hours to cover this route by bus. You can reduce the traveling time by hopping on express buses from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur (KL). Malaysia is one of the most visited places in Southeast Asia due to many tourist attractions and natural aesthetics. Let us find out what one should know before traveling from Singapore to Malaysia by bus.

Choose a Good Service Provider

One can book a bus ticket from Singapore to Malaysia by visiting a physical ticket booking counter or online. Online sources help you in comparing the ticket prices of different bus operators and with pre-booking. In search of an online bus ticket platform, it is easy to encounter fraud & spams. You should always choose a reliable service provider like redBus, one of the most reliable and trusted bus ticket online booking platforms. There are many benefits of choosing redBus as your service provider; some of the most prominent ones are:

• Seat reservation system for women. The seats reserved for women on any bus can be viewed via the redBus mobile application/website.

• Bus tracking feature to know about your bus’s exact location during your trip from Singapore to Malaysia. The redBus mobile application can access the bus tracking system, and it also helps in navigating to boarding points in Singapore.

• You can find many operators on redBus who provide bus services from Singapore to Malaysia. You can compare the prices, timings, amenities offered, etc. of different buses and choose the best suited. Some of the major bus operators who provide bus services from Singapore to Malaysia on redBus are Transtar Travel, Lapan Lapan Travel, Causeway Link, Eltabina Jaya, etc.

• You will get ride insurance, ride rescheduling, ride cancellation services via redBus.

• You will find transparent costs on bus tickets on redBus.

Choose Top Rated Operators

One should choose a top-rated operator for traveling from Singapore to Malaysia by bus. Good operators provide necessary amenities during travel, and staff members are polite & helpful. You will also have to go through the immigration process (if required), and while doing so, good bus operators wait for you. One should read about the reviews from people who have traveled with any particular operator to know more about its services.

One can easily look for ratings and reviews of different operators on redBus and then choose accordingly.

Necessary Documents

Make sure to keep the necessary documents like ID proof, bus ticket, etc. with you while traveling by bus from Singapore to Malaysia. You will have to show ID proof and the bus ticket at the time of boarding the bus. Singapore nationals do not require a Visa for 30 days. However, you may be stopped for security checks. If you are a foreigner, then make sure that you have your Visa and Passport with you. 

Good documentation will help foreigners to go through the immigration process quickly. One should also make sure that they should not possess any unauthorized items like firearms, duplicate currency, pornographic content, explosives, drugs, etc. during their travel from Singapore to Malaysia by bus. One can contact their local Malaysian embassy/consulate for any query regarding Visa policies. If you are bus ticket online booking via redBus, you don’t need to keep a printed ticket with you as redBus provides e-ticket/M-ticket to their passengers via SMS/mail.

Travel light & Prepared

One should pack necessary items like power banks for charging their phones in case of emergencies. However, during your travel, you will get a charging point as Singapore to Malaysia buses do provide all necessary amenities to the passengers. You should also avoid unnecessary baggage as it will slow you down, and you can be charged more for excessive luggage by buses. Packing less luggage will help you get through security checks quickly and take care of your belongings easily. The buses from Singapore to Malaysia provide a luggage storage facility. Malaysia has a tropical climate throughout the year, with an average temperature of around 27 degrees, so pack your clothing accordingly. One can look for the set of amenities offered by any bus from Singapore to Malaysia on redBus.

Look for Offers

Many service providers come with discounts on their bus tickets from time to time. One should be connected with the operator websites to know about the latest discount offers. One can look for early bird discounts, festive offers, etc. and can save their money. redBus also offers coupon codes to its users, which can be used to reduce your total ticket booking price. One can also avail of cashback in the redBus e-wallet to book successful bus tickets.

Conduct Travel Research 

You should research many aspects related to your trip before booking a bus from Singapore to Malaysia, some of which are:

• Your bus journey will involve crossing the Singapore-Malaysia border. Make sure that your bus crosses the Singapore-Malaysia border from Tuas (Second Link) instead of Woodlands because of comparatively lesser traffic.

• You should find out about the seating capacity on a bus before booking tickets. Lesser seating capacity buses mean more space for legroom, and higher seating capacity buses can sometimes lead to cramped seating arrangements.

• You can find out whether your bus is a direct bus from Singapore to Malaysia, or it has numerous stopping points. You can get to know about the time taken to cover this route by any bus via redBus in advance.

Malaysia is a beautiful country to visit with lots of beautiful natural scenes. If you are a tourist or traveling for any other reason from Singapore to Malaysia, you can prefer to travel by bus as they are convenient, easily available, and affordable. Choose redBus for booking Malaysia bus tickets online and get the best conveyance services. One can use the tips mentioned above to get a better traveling experience. Book your bus ticket to Malaysia now!