8 Fun Things To Do During Your Singapore To Kluang Weekend Trip

Kluang was the former capital of Johor, Malaysia during the early British rule and became a prominent site for industry and organic farming. However, this quaint little place has also gained popularity as a tourist attraction for its delectable cuisine, breathtaking sceneries and eco-tourism. Kluang has organic farms where you can learn about food production, scenic treks to help you reconnect with nature, and a rich culture that you can admire and draw inspiration from. If you are looking for a peaceful but fun-filled weekend getaway from your busy Singapore life, Kluang is the perfect spot for you! 

Getting from Singapore to Kluang

The ride from Singapore to Kluang is a short one and you can either hire a private car or choose a public mode of transport, like a bus or train. Moreover, if you are looking for a budget-friendly commute option, you can book bus tickets online that too at attractive offers. A bus from Singapore to Kluang is a cheap alternative, and redBus allows you to book a bus ticket online with ease. The bus journey is around 2 and a half hours long, and buses ply from 6:31 A.M. to 9:30 P.M.

The bus online tickets will cost you anywhere around SGD 20-32 as per the type of bus. Be it express buscoach bus or luxury buses, several operators including Supernice Grassland, and Transtar Travel Pte Ltd offer their bus services on this route.  

Fun Things to do in Kluang

Kluang has a growing tourism industry that caters to tourists of all kinds—nature lovers, the ones looking for an educational experience, or those wanting to bask in the glory of nature. Here are 8 fun things you can do during your Singapore to Kluang Weekend trip:

  • Mount Lambak (Gunung Lambak): Mount Lambak’s summit is at 510m above sea level and the trek to the summit is a scenic and moderately challenging one. It takes around 2 hours to get to the summit from where you can enjoy a mesmerising view. There are also lovely and comfortable resorts nearby.
  • Kluang UK Farm: This popular tourist destination is only an hour away from Singapore. The Kluang UK Farm is a 100-acre farm where sheep and goat farming is carried out. It has over thousands of these and is also the largest sheep and goat farm in Malaysia. It has become an oft-visited site for agro-tourism. The activities offered include a visit to a village of Malaysia’s indigenous people (Orang Asli), visits to the organic farm and fruit garden, learning about goat milking, and a horse-drawn cart ride. You can even stay overnight at the farm.
  • Bat Town: If you are a fan of street art, Bat Town in downtown Kluang is a stunning place full of colourful wall murals and 3D art. The streets of Jalan Dato Teoh Siew Khor are adorned with street art showing typical Malaysian scenes, local food and bats. Bats hold a special significance because Kluang is named after the local fruit bats known as keluang.
  • Gunung Belumut: This 15-hour long trek to reach the 1,100m high summit is a challenging hike and the perfect activity for the adventurous ones! There are also camping sites on the mountain where you can stay overnight.
  • Kluang Rail Coffee: The maiden branch of Kluang Rail Coffee is 70 years old and is the perfect spot for a cup of comforting coffee. The coffee is made with coffee beans that have been roasted in-house with butter. You can also get a taste of Kopitiam food like curry puffs, nasi lemak, and kaya toast.
  • Zenxin Organic Park Kluang: This is another spot for those interested in agro-tourism and a healthy lifestyle. This farm offers activities like herb picking and cycling. You can even buy organic ingredients, mulberry tea, or try out their famous vegetarian food at the Farm Table Restaurant.
  • Kluang Night Market: The Pasar Malam (street market) in Kluang can give you the nostalgic experience of pasar malams that used to take place in Singapore. It occurs once a week and is an excellent spot for devouring local cuisine and going on a pocket-friendly shopping spree.
  • Kluang Coffee Powder Factory: The Factory offers a free tour, and you can learn about the inspiring success story of Television Coffee, the famous local coffee brand. You can sample and buy their famous black and white coffee.

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