10 Short Trip Ideas for Singapore Locals to Unwind After Lockdown

After spending time cooped up at home because of the lockdown and this unfortunate pandemic, anyone would want to step out of the house and experience a change in environment. The most convenient way to do this would be to take a short trip. Since Singapore is in such proximity to Malaysia, a beautiful country with lots of exciting places to visit, bus travel makes things much simpler. There are a plethora of places that you can travel and enjoy either as a couple or with your family. Below are ten places to inspire your short getaways from Singapore. 

Desaru, Malaysia

The perfect location for a weekend getaway, Desaru is famous for its relaxing white-sand beaches and calm blue waters. Taking you away from the quick urban life of Singapore, Desaru allows you to enjoy a calm paradise-like feeling. It is known for its fruit plantations and gold courses. It overs snorkelling and surfing to people who are looking for adventure. 

Since there aren’t many activities that can interest children, Desaru is a good place to travel to as a couple. The best months to visit are April to October, the busiest being June to August.  

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

A 9-hour drive from Singapore, Cameron Highlands is famous for its beautiful tea plantations and its pleasant cool climate. It is popular for its strawberries, and small carts around that sell palatable burgers. 

It is a great place to visit with family and offers activities like skydiving if you are interested in a stay longer than a weekend trip. It has a famous lavender garden that expands tourist knowledge on the medicinal uses of the plant whilst selling products made from it. It is a great place to visit for tourists that enjoy flora. It’s a great place to visit all year round.

Some tourist attractions here are: 

  • Mossy forest
  • Parit waterfall
  • Robinson waterfall 
  • Butterfly gardens 

Malacca, Malaysia 

Home to beautiful alleyways with historical significance, Malacca is a great destination for a short trip with family or a significant other. This location can be enjoyed even if you’re travelling solo by taking a Singapore to Malacca bus. It is famous for its quaint shops and stalls which add to the aesthetic value of the island. Its flavourful cuisines and antique shops increase the appeal of the location.

It is very well known for its various tea houses that teach people the traditional way of tea drinking and art of tea making. The best times to travel here are between the months of April and May. Tourists also visit locations within Malacca like:

  • Christ church
  • Dutch square 
  • Malaysian navy museum
  • Cheng Hoon Teng Temple
  • Baba and Nyonya Peranakan Museum

Penang, Malaysia 

A famous cultural and artistic epicentre, Penang offers its visitors with a dream-like experience. It is popular for its nightlife as well as colourful streets. Among the other things that add to the appeal of the location, the local food called the hawker food, is the most famous. It has two well-visited beaches called the Batu Ferringhi beach and Tanjung Bungah beach. The best time to visit this location is between the months of November and February. 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

This Malaysian metropolitan capital is one of the most beautiful locations you can plan a short trip to. It is famous for its beautiful skyline held up by high rise buildings and skyscrapers. It is a location that is in very close proximity to Singapore, making it more convenient to travel with small children. It has got a wide range of activities and tourist spots that visitors can travel to and take advantage of. It is one of the best locations for a short getaway from Singapore with family. 

The best time to visit this location is between the months of December and February. 

Perhentian Islands, Malaysia 

This beautiful island group is located in the Besut region of Malaysia and is known for its light blue coloured waters and pretty beaches. It allows adventurous tourists to delve into activities like snorkelling and surfing. Perhentian Islands tropical weather is perfect for tourists looking to relax. This place is best visited with friends or as a couple. 

Sentosa Island, Singapore

Located within Singapore itself, Sentosa Island is home to amusement parks including the world-famous Universal Studios and beaches. It also features a waterpark that people of all ages can take advantage of. It is a great location to travel to quickly and conveniently with family and friends. The location is fit for travel involving children. 

The best time to visit this location would be anywhere between the months of June to July or October to December. 

Johor Bahru, Malaysia 

Home to Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple, one of the most famous Hindu temples in the world, Johor Bahru is a good option for a short trip. This temple is covered with different kinds as well as different coloured glass, making it a breathtaking place to visit. The best times for travelling to this location are between April and October. This place is perfect for pilgrims as well as for curious travellers. 

Langkawi, Malaysia 

This location is perfect for adventurous and nature-loving travellers. Featuring an archipelago of more than 90 islands, Langkawi is the best place for tourists to relax in the sun while also having the opportunities to experience nature. The island allows people to enjoy activities such as snorkelling and surfing. Uring cable car facilities tourists often travel to Gunung Mat Chinchang mountain. Located here is a Sky Bridge which gives tourists a breathtaking and mesmerising view of the rainforests.

This location is best visited with a significant other, with friends or even alone. The best months to travel here are between January to March.

Ipoh, Malaysia

Famous for its street food and unique cuisine, Ipoh is often referred to as a mini Penang. It also features a rich culture and is popular for its street art. One of the more curious locations in Ipoh is the Old Town, consisting of colonial buildings, crumbled structures, street art and coffee houses. Tourists usually like to visit the famous Ipoh Heritage trail with displays of native architecture and artistic murals. The best months to visit this location are between the months of November and February. It is a good location for a short getaway from Singapore for couples or single travellers.

These are thus amongst the best ideas for short getaways from Singapore. These locations can be travelled to using buses which can be booked on redBus either through the official website or application.