Planning a Short Trip to Singapore

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the far East is undoubtedly Singapore. The island country, which is also a city, is home to some of the most popular attractions that provide wholesome entertainment for your whole family or even friends. The best part about Singapore is that it is highly accessible via multiple modes of transport.

You can catch a bus to Singapore from Malaysia and plan your trip with ease owing to the smooth logistical delight that occurs on this route. Further, the multiple tourist activities make this one place you won’t ever get bored in and are sure to revisit many times.

Here are some of the most popular attractions in the city:

  • Gardens by the Bay:

This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Singapore and is one of its hallmark attractions. It consists of an extensive breadth of plants and trees intricately designed and placed in an awe-inspiring manner. The Cloud Forest and Supertree Grove are also must-visits for photographers. Also, the 114-foot indoor waterfall is yet another sight to behold on its own.

The Gardens can also get extremely crowded, but it’s not an issue. You can take your time exploring them at your own pace, with over 163,000 plants to be seen.

  • National Gallery Singapore:

The National Gallery Singapore is home to more than 8,000 pieces of works and is the most extensive modern art collection in all of Southeast Asia. Spread across two national monuments – the City Hall and the former Supreme Court, it offers visitors the opportunity to spend the day exploring the many galleries present in the museum. 

You could also head to the inaugural exhibit known as the “Siapa Nama Kamu?” or the Art in Singapore since the 19th Century. Catch a bus to SG during the weekday to avoid the crowds and book your tickets on redBus soon!

  • Sentosa Island:

This is probably the most fun getaway option for your family and you and is also the most popular. Sentosa is home to multiple attractions, including the Merlion statue, the theme parks and even the many restaurants and eateries and bars present. Sentosa is an ideal getaway for anyone who wants to enjoy the beautiful beaches present in the country, with some excellent options for exploring.

  • Kampong Glam:

If you’re someone who loves art and unconventional exhibits based around Arab crafts, then Kampong Glam is the place to be at. There’s so much to do here, including sampling the delicious kaya Swiss roll from the Rich and Good Cake Shop. The enclave is the perfect backdrop as it dates back to the 1800s and has grown significantly since then. This place blends the historical and religious spots of the city with a modern outlook. 

  • The Intan:

The Intan is dubbed as a private home that is replete with impressive Perankan artifacts. The owner, Alvin Yapp, has spent more than 30 years collecting more than 1,500 objects relating to the Perankan Culture. These include the Kasot Manek, which are ornate beaded slippers worn by Chinese women integrated into the strait.

There are also tiffin carriers hand-crafted and painted in floral patterns and are Yapp’s labour of love, post-war. It showcases a highly meticulous arrangement, and visitors can only enter after taking appointments.

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