Stroll and Explore Along Clarke Quay – Bus Options to Clarke Quay

If you have ever been to or around Singapore, you have more than likely passed by Clarke Quay. This almost mythical waterside wonderland is a legendary jetty nestled in the heart of Singapore’s traditional centre along the banks of the River Planning Area. It is an absolutely breathtaking sight to behold during the daylight hours, dotted with gorgeous architecture from the colonial era giving it an ambient and rustic feel. But when night comes along, this calmness is replaced with an electrifying nightlife – the quay is notorious for completely transporting you into a club rode fun scape where pounding music and vibrant lights breathe new life into the quay.

The recommended time to visit the harbour is during the period of sunset and beyond, and the recommended mode of transportation to get there is by taking a bus to Clarke Quay using SG bus timings as a guide.

A Brief Glimpse Into the Past

As dictated by history, the name “Clarke Quay” was derived from Sir Andrew Clarke who was the second governor of Singapore. He played a vital role in securing the country’s position as the key port for most of the Malay states. At the time, the quay was a major trading port. But after relocating, the region began teaming with centres for entertainment and rejuvenation. Big names in the clubbing industry such as London’s Ministry of Sound and the Attica now adorn the quay day and night. And with the development of nearby MRT stations, traffic from localities and hoards of tourists taking a bus to Clarke Quay to experience its electricity have allowed the business to boom.

Hot Spots and Attractions Near Clarke Quay

Contrary to what we have discussed above, the most well-known points of interest do not revolve purely around the nightlife. Sure Clarke Quay may be well known for its stunning waterside food stalls and many enticing clubs and bars but it also has a horde of alternative highlights that draw tourists from far and wide and appeal even to the local population. Once you take a bus to Clarke Quay, there are a host of different MRT stations within walking distance willing to take its customers on a tour of some of the most family-friendly and culturally significant landmarks. The SG bus timings for these buses can be accessed through “city mapper” in order to gain further insight into arrival and departure times. All-in-all, this allows visitors to bide time and explore their surroundings for a bit while waiting for the main night-time attractions.

Foremost, the Singapore River  – often considered the “central artery” for the area’s nightlife – serves as a prime location for wining and dining and taking plenty of beautiful pictures. Visitors can gauge SG bus timings to book a bus to Clarke Quay’s many boat tours which will take them on a cruise along the length of the entire river to witness a variety of bridges and monuments of historical significance.

Alternatively. Visitors can utilize SG bus timings to chart out when to ride a bus to Clarke Quay’s Asian Civilization Museum which showcases some of the country’s finest historic collections and hosts exquisite exhibitions to express the nation’s old and diverse history.

Notable Directions From the Airport

Driving from Changi Airport to Clarke Quay will require you to cover roughly 20 kilometres. Airport taxis will cost you a pretty penny and take about half an hour through the East Coast Park Service Road. Subways to Tanah Merah and then Clarke Quay via City Hall will cost comparatively less but is still a hassle with respect to luggage. However, the most efficient route covering both monetary and travel convenience is to take a bus to Clarke Quay – boarding the Line Bus 36 up to the Rendezvous Grand Hotel leaves Clarke Quay only a few kilometres further away.