All that you need to know about Little India, Singapore

Of all the historic districts in Singapore, one of the most charismatic ones has to be Little India in Singapore! The community is so Indian that it would have you thinking you are in Delhi- just strolling down the streets, you could hear Indian pop music from the shops, smell the air perfumed with jasmine garlands, spices, and incense, and experience a feeling like you are in a different country. 

There are so many things to do and attractions to see in the district, along with a couple of Hindu temples worth visiting. You can visit singapore by booking bus tickets from any nearby cities of Malaysia. Check redBus Singapore to get more details on how to book buses online. 

What to see and do in Little India?

When it comes to attractions for tourists, Little India is known for its beautiful temples. Two of the most popular ones are Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple and Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, and both of these are situated along the Serangoon Road. The Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple is a famous Buddhist temple in the region and is an eclectic mix of Thai, Indian, and Chinese styles that go back to 1927.

Where to stay in Little India?

There are several cheap options for budget travellers and backpackers in Little India, which you could check out and compare on redBus. One of the most popular options is Hangout@Mt Emily. You could also check out the Wanderlust Hotel that also provides quirky rooms at reasonable prices. 

Shopping in Little India

The crowded little shops in the district sell almost everything, from gold jewellery and souvenirs to cheap clothing and Hindi music CDs. If you are looking for something more Southeast Asian, check out the Mustafa Centre, a 24-hour shopping mall that sells almost everything at low prices. For vegetables, fresh fruits, seafood, and meat, you could check out the Tekka Centre.

The Festival of lights

The perfect time to visit Little India in Singapore is during the Hindu festival of lights, Deepavali (Diwali). Though never dull, the district springs even more enchantingly to life during this colourful festival that usually comes somewhere between October and November. For Deepavali, everyone in Little India celebrates it by lighting candles or oil lamps in their shops and homes- which is why it is called the Festival of Lights. 

During this festival, you will also see every Hindu in the district wearing colourful new clothes, exchanging gifts and cards, decorating their space, and preparing Indian delicacies. Therefore, when in Singapore during the Deepavali time, be sure to visit this beautiful district and the unique markets that sell garlands, Indian clothes, decorations, and sweets!

Getting to Little India

  • From the Singapore Airport: The cheapest option to travel from the Singapore Airport to Little India is to take the Line 36 Bus. The subway is also another great option that would take you to the Little India MRT Station within an hour. The quickest option is to take a taxi or rent a car, since this way, you would reach the MRT station within 20 minutes.
  • From Harbourfront Ferry Terminal: The more accessible options to reach Little India from the Ferry Terminal are taking the subway or taking the Line 166 bus since these cost less and will take you to the destination within 30 minutes. The quickest option is to take a taxi, and though it is the priciest, it would help you reach Little India in less than 10 minutes.

Of all the ethnic enclaves in the country, Little India is undoubtedly the most colorful and liveliest area, which no tourist in Singapore should miss! Therefore, no matter where you are in Singapore, all you have to do is book your seat on a bus to Little India through redBus and have an authentic Indian experience. 

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