All You Need To Know About Universal Studios Singapore

Go beyond your TV screen and immerse yourself into a world of action and fun in the Universal Studios Singapore! With various themed zones from your favorite films, you can enjoy thrilling rides that would make you feel like a movie star. There are also several opportunities to find out more about the moviemakers! Characters from high-octane hits will greet you as you enter the USS. So do not forget to check out every zone and ride in this magical land!

Types of USS Tickets 

The first thing you must decide on after reaching Universal Studios is which type of USS ticket you want to purchase. The options for USS tickets are:

  • A one-day ticket
  • A one-day ticket and a Universal Express pass
  • A universal Express Unlimited pass

With the Express Passes, people can enjoy priority line access to certain rides. They also offer two-day USS tickets, and for those who are planning on visiting more than once, there are annual passes.

The only way to get a Universal Express Unlimited ticket or a Universal Express ticket is to include it with the tickets for admission via Resorts World Sentosa.

The usual USS ticket prices for Express passes begin at $30 and $50, but this is not always the case since USS ticket prices would increase in cost when demand increases. It is always better to purchase Universal Studios tickets weeks before.

The Universal Express tickets will allow people for one time access to every ride. In contrast, people with the Universal Express Unlimited pass can enter the rides many times. Most of the rides and attractions can be accessed with these Universal Studios tickets.

Themed Zoos in USS


Step into Hollywood and Walk of Fame as all the buildings in this zone are modeled after actual ones in Hollywood. You might even notice buildings or neighborhoods from popular TV shows and movies! There are 59 stars in the Hollywood Walk of Fame while the real ones have over 2500 stars. The zone has retail stores as well, including stores dedicated to Hello Kitty and Minion, to help you have a fun time shopping.

Sci-Fi City

One of the most popular areas amongst children, the Sci-Fi City, has the tallest set of a dueling roller coaster on the planet, the Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cyclone! This area has many Sci-Fi based rides and stores that would help you experience transformers in a realistic manner.

Lost World

This zone has the canopy flyer, which is the shortest ride in the USS, with the ride time being only 53 seconds. However, the canopy flyer is still one of the most popular rides making the queues really long. The Lost World also has a food court where you could enjoy excellent meals while enjoying the view of the full-sized tyrannosaur at the center of the building.


The Madagascar themed zone has characters from the movie Madagascar along with a few characters. There are also Madagascar based rides where you could see the characters of the movie alive and having fun!

Far Far Away

The Far Far Away zone can be easily recognized by seeing the castle from the movies Shrek. This castle is definitely one of the highlights of the zone. The streets in the zone will also help people remember a lot of scenes from the movie as you can see appearances of characters like Shrek, Princess Fiona, Puss in Boots, Donkey, Prince Charming, and Pinocchio. The best rides in this zone include Puss in Boots’ Giant Journey, Enchanted airways, and Magic Potion Spin.

Ancient Egypt

The decor of the Ancient Egypt zone is a real replica of the 1930’s ancient Egypt. There are enormous Pharaoh’s tomb and rides that would blow your mind. The zone also houses a high-speed roller coaster that was inspired by the movie, The Mummy but if you want something less dramatic, you can go for the Treasure Hunt.

New York

The New York zone is an actual replica of the iconic streets and various landmarks of New York City. This zone also houses the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase, a top-rated attraction among kids. Also, do not forget to check out the tourists’ favorite, Lights, Camera, Action!

Dining options

Every zone in Universal Studios has at least one food outlet which would present food based on the theme of the zone. The popular food outlets in the various zones are:

  • Friar’s, Far Far Away
  • Goldilocks, Far Far Away
  • Mel’s Drive-In, Hollywood
  • Marty’s Casa Del Wild, Madagascar
  • Oasis Spice Cafe, Ancient Egypt

Public transportation to Universal Studios 

If you are using public transit, then board RWS 8 and get down at the RWS 8 bus stop, which is just outside the Forum in Sentosa. Another option is to take Bus 123 and get down at Resorts World Sentosa. If you are taking the Intra-island bus, then take Sentosa Buses A or C and get down at Resorts World Sentosa.

Check out the various themed zones in the Universal Studios that would bring all your favorite characters to life right in front of your eyes! Using redBus, you can get there early and avoid long queues!