Island Hopping in Indonesia | Take a Ferry from Singapore

Several tourists in Indonesia like to go island hopping. One can find a Singapore to Batam ferry easily to start a fantastic island hopping experience in Indonesia. Exploring the coastal lines of Indonesia by ferry is a thrilling experience. One can do island hopping in Indonesia at many places like Batam, Waterfront City, Bintan, Karimun, etc. You can get the ferry services to navigate from one island to another on redBus mobile application or website. 

Currently, Sindo Ferry provides ferry services at different ports in Indonesia with redBus. Sindo Ferry also boasts a multinational presence as they provide ferry services from different ports in Indonesia to Singapore which is an island city-state. redBus is already the leading platform in providing bus services to people and is now extending its services towards ferry ticket booking too. Let us see more detail about how you can book a ferry for island hoping in Indonesia via redBus.

Island Hopping in Indonesia

Island Hopping is a great way to explore the sea and also reach your destination. You can get on the Batam islands in Indonesia via any Batam ferry and can tour the island. There are many tourist attractions/pilgrimage sites in Batam like Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple, Barelang Bridge, Pulau Abang Island, Nongsa Beach & Coast, etc. People also book a ferry and arrive in Batam for water & adventure sports. There are many shopping centres and malls in Batam to keep you occupied and entertained.

People also visit Bintan island for tourist attractions like 500 Lohan Temple, Bintan Desert, Bintan Eco Farms, Mount Bintan, White Sands Island. These places in Indonesia have a relaxing atmosphere with astonishing nature scenes. One can take a break from their daily life routine and can do many activities like boat ride, jet ski ride, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, snorkelling, hoverboarding, cable skiing, parasailing, etc. The beautiful islands and wonderful water activities attract people in Indonesia.

You can also get ferry services for neighbouring islands/countries like Singapore. One can find ferries for return trips like you can find Singapore to Batam ferry services on redBus. Island hopping makes travel more convenient in the sea. You can find the routes and tickets of ferries for island hopping in Indonesia on redBus.

About Sindo Ferry

Sindo Ferry services were started in 2011 and are now one of the most prominent ferry providers in Indonesia. It operates 16 ferries daily on different routes in Indonesia & Malaysia. They are also the first ferry service provider to tie up with redBus for reaching a wide audience base through redBus user network. Sindo Ferry is a part of a group of companies that bring more than 20 years of experience together in providing ferry services to people. Sindo Ferry is concerned about the welfare of its passengers and is constantly investing in improving its ferry services. Sindo Ferry has spent more than Rp 21 billion (Indonesian currency) in modernising & improving its ferry services. They also provide charter facilities & you can book a vessel for any special occasion.

Ferries by Sindo Ferry

There are many vessels owned by Sindo Ferry. Queen Star 3 owned by Sindo Ferry has the maximum seating capacity of around 300 people. It also has ferries that can accumulate 266 people at once like Queen Star 1, Queen Star 2, Queen Star 5, Queen Star 6, etc. It also has around ten ferries which have a capacity of 150-220 passengers which are Sindo 1, Sindo 6, Merbau Era, Sindo Empress, etc. These ferries operate from various Bintan & Batam ferry terminals in Indonesia. 

You can charter the whole ferry or can book a ticket to any of the routes covered by Sindo ferries. Sindo Ferry also provides courier services, but it is only limited to documents. Sindo Ferry follows the laws laid down by the Indonesian and Singapore government. Overbooking the ferry is strictly prohibited on Sindo ferries. Many of the ferries of Sindo Ferry have separate rooms that can be booked by passengers and they can enjoy their time in the sea with their friends/family.

Ports in Indonesia for Ferry

The ports in Indonesia from where Sindo ferries depart are as follows:

• Sekupang Ferry Terminal (Batam) – It is located in the Batam city in Indonesia. Ferries from this Batam ferry terminal go to Harbourfront port in Singapore, and it takes around 45 minutes to cover this journey. Singapore to Batam ferry for a round trip is also available on this route.

• Waterfront Ferry Terminal (Batam) – It is also one of the prominent ports from where Sindo Ferry provides ferry services to people. One can find the schedule of any Batam ferry on redBus.

• Batam Center Ferry Terminal – A lot of ferries go to Singapore and Malaysia from Batam Center Ferry Terminal. One can check Batam ferry tickets from different ports on redBus. One can also find return ferries to Batam from Singapore.

• Tanjung Balai Karimun Ferry Terminal – This terminal is located in the Karimun island of Indonesia. You can book ferries from this terminal to Batam & Singapore. It takes around one and a half hours to reach Harbourfront, Singapore from this terminal via a ferry.

• Tanjung Pinang, Bintan – It is located in the city of Tanjung Pinang. You can find ferries for Singapore from this terminal in Indonesia.

Sindo Ferry Booking with redBus

You can select Sindo Ferry as a ferry operator via redBus mobile application/website. You will be asked about your source and destination details along with the journey date. You can choose a round trip also via redBus. You will also be asked about the number of adults (13 years & above) & the number of children accompanying. You can easily see the number of ferries on your preferred route and easily book a ticket online. You can select any ferry to Singapore or return ferries from Singapore to Indonesia like ferry to Batam from Singapore.

Pros of Island Hopping in Indonesia via Sindo Ferry redBus

The advantages of island hopping in Indonesia on Sindo ferries booked via redBus are as follows:

• One can view the fare, schedule of different ferries in advance via redBus, and can book accordingly.

• redBus & Sindo Ferry will ensure safe travel amidst the Covid-19 scenario. Sindo ferries are deep cleaned before each trip, and their staff members are free of any infection. The staff members of Sindo Ferry are always equipped with masks. Body temperature checking facility of staff members twice a day and also of passengers at the time of boarding the ferry is provided in Sindo ferries.

• Sindo Ferry provides a discount if you have ten or more people travelling together.

• Sindo Ferry provides ride insurance at a very nominal price of $8, and you can also cancel your ride via redBus. Sindo Ferry pays you a 100% refund if you have paid a nominal cancellation fee at the time of booking.

• You will get affordable and authentic services via redBus and can book your tickets online without the hassle of visiting ticketing counters physically.

Indonesia is a country full of beaches, islands, corals, etc. and visiting the islands in Indonesia will be a lifetime experience for you. One can easily book a ferry for going to different islands now via redBus. Book your Batam ferry ticket now with redBus.