Travel Hacks for a Road Trip from Singapore to Penang

One of the most enjoyable experiences in Singapore is travelling around various other cities and towns surrounding it. One such place where you’ll enjoy a fun time with friends and family is Penang. The island is famous for its metro city centre, multicultural heritage and tropical beaches, among others.

The city of Penang is quite a drive away from Singapore, and a bus from Singapore to Penang is always a good idea. It’s a great experience to complete the road trip and understand a few of the hacks that could make your experience more enjoyable.

Distance between Singapore and Penang

The city of Penang is around 7 to 8 hours away from Singapore, and it can be accessed non-stop from Tuas Checkpoints or Woodlands. The bus route from Singapore to Penang also stops at significant points such as Malacca and Kuala Lumpur, and you can head here for a short break in between. The fastest route between the two cities is the North-South Expressway. Once the Penang Exit is taken, you can take two options to get directly to Penang. 

The Penang bridge can be taken or the ferry to get there. The toll fees through the bridge would generally cost anywhere around RM7. The Ferry towards Penang is RM 7.70. As this is a road trip, you can take the bridge itself.

Where to Stop in Between?

You must take a few breaks during the trip to Penang. It’s a super comfortable and safe journey towards Penang, and it’s an excellent experience for the kids. There are multiple rest and service areas in between where you can relax and stretch your legs, or use the toilet or even grab a snack. There are around 10 of these spots on the way to Penang, including Machap, Gelang Patah, Ayer Keroh, Seremban, Sg. Buloh, Rawang/Ulu Bernam, Sg. Perak, Gng. Semanggol, Tapah, Pagoh and more.

The section from Kuala Lumpur towards Penang can be a little tricky, owing to the hairpin bends and narrow roads, so keep this in mind when travelling. Ensure that you’re travelling with a good driver who is experienced so you can get there faster. With the bus from Singapore to Penang, this shouldn’t be an issue to travel with ease. Transtar Travel Pte Ltd  is one such operator that offers well-equipped and comfortable cross-border buses for your journey! 

Must-Have Food Joints on the Trip

There’s so much to expect with regards to street food in Penang. It is one of the top destinations in South Asia for the same. 

You can head over to spots such as Char Koay Teow, Assam Laksa, Gurney Drive Hawker Centre, Presgrave Street Hawker Centre and more. 

You can enjoy some of the best local and fusion delights when it comes to culinary options here, and you can enjoy some excellent fare. From Malaysian noodles and curry to even Indian-inspired food, this place has everything a food lover is looking for. 

The ultimate street food experience awaits anyone who wants to enjoy it, and there’s a reason why Penang is known for the same. The various restaurants and hawkers present there are known to mix multiple influences in their cuisine, and this melting pot of flavours is more than enough for a fun weekend trip over here. 

While it is a little far from Singapore, the city of Penang is one of the best places to visit on a road trip. The 7-8 hours are peppered with beautiful views of both nature and city life as you pass through Kuala Lumpur and other cities. You need to ensure that the bus ticket you book are done properly. With redBus, you can be rest assured of a comfortable and fun trip between these two cities. We’ll ensure that all of your needs are taken care of, and you reach your destination safely and in comfort.