Discover the Magic: Sky-High Picnics and Joyful Adventures at Singapore Flyer This School Holiday!

Are you constantly on the lookout for extraordinary family experiences that combine fun, food, and fantastic views? This March, the Singapore Flyer transforms your quest into reality with its exclusive “Picnic in the Sky” — a soaring feast amidst the clouds, paired with complimentary rides for children. Dive into a world where picturesque panoramas meet delectable dining, and where every moment ascends into cherished memories.

Details on the Singapore Flyer Picnic this March 

On March 15 and 16 at 3pm, an exclusive picnic experience awaits families atop one of the globe’s largest observation wheels, priced at $180 for two. Designed for those aged three and up, the 60-minute event features a selection of snacks and interactive family games, against the backdrop of stunning city views.

Additionally, from March 8 to 17, a special offer allows children to enjoy a free ride with the purchase of a Family Bundle for Singapore residents, offering significant savings. This steal deal bundle costs $80 and is applicable for a family of two adults and two children between the ages of 3 and 12. The pack includes permits for the Time Capsule experience. However, there is a catch – the bundle is only for Singapore citizens and permanent residents, hence keep your ID handy.

The Singapore Residents’ Holiday Family Bundle further accentuates the allure, offering an attractive deal for families — a testament to the Singapore Flyer’s commitment to making joy accessible to all residents.

Unveiling The Singapore Flyer Experience

Imagine indulging in a sumptuous picnic, 165 meters above the ground, with the iconic Singapore skyline unfolding beneath you. The Singapore Flyer’s “Picnic in the Sky” offers just that — an unforgettable blend of gourmet bites, from croissants and pizzas to tropical fruits and traditional snacks, all while you relish in unparalleled views.

The magic doesn’t end with the feast. In a heartwarming gesture, the Singapore Flyer invites kids to enjoy free rides, making it an ideal choice for family outings during the school holidays. This offer is part of the Singapore Residents’ Holiday Family Bundle, presenting a cost-effective way for the entire family to explore the skies.

Beyond the visual feast and culinary delights, the experience is enriched with nostalgic games like five stones, pick-up sticks, and snakes and ladders. These games not only add a layer of engagement but also foster family bonding, turning the picnic into a treasure trove of memories.

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This March, let the Singapore Flyer elevate your family outings with its “Picnic in the Sky” and free rides for children. It’s an invitation to embrace joy, marvel at the beauty of Singapore from an extraordinary vantage point, and create moments that will be etched in your hearts forever. Embark on this unique adventure and witness how the Singapore Flyer is not just an observation wheel, but a gateway to unforgettable family experiences. If you are not in Singapore and wish to enjoy the Flyer Picnic experience, hop onboard a First coach bus to Singapore now!


What is included in the Picnic in the Sky?

A 60-minute picnic with assorted nibbles and games, offering a blend of gourmet and traditional treats against the backdrop of Singapore’s skyline.

How can I avail of the free rides for kids?

Purchase the Singapore Residents’ Holiday Family Bundle, which includes free rides for children alongside adult tickets. Keep your ID handy and avail this pack at $80 instead of the usual $130 and get an incredible experience of the Time Capsule.

What are the dates for the Picnic in the Sky experience?

The experience is available on specific dates in March, aligning with the school holidays. From March 8 to 17, a special offer allows children to enjoy a free ride with the purchase of a Family Bundle for Singapore residents while on March 15 and 16 at 3pm, you can avail the experience at a cost that is $180 for two.

Can I buy the tickets on spot?

While it’s recommended to purchase tickets in advance through the Singapore Flyer’s website or WeChat Mini Programme, on-site purchases are also possible subject to availability.