Must-experience Music Festivals in Singapore

The population of Singapore is a mix of Indians, Malaysians, Indonesians, Chinese, and several other ethnicities. Therefore, the music scene in Singapore is an urban mix of Jazz, Pop, Rock, Western Classical, Punk, Folk, and fusion. Every year several music festivals are held here. People from all over the world visit Singapore only to be a part of the musical extravaganzas like St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival, Baybeats Festival, Singapore Night Festival, and more.

  • Singapore Night Festival

The festival is an annual extravaganza that takes place over two weekends. Held in the streets of Brasah Basah and Bugis, the Singapore Night Festival is a celebration of the art and culture of the Lion City. Music plays a major role along with other art forms. Artists from all over the world, as well as local artists, perform in the Singapore Night Festival. The festival is free for everyone. It attracts a lot of tourists around the globe every year. 

When: Every year in August

  • Baybeats 

It earlier started as an annual event for alternative music bands from all around the Asian continent as well as for regional and local talent. It acts as a common ground for musicians to showcase their talent in different musical genres and also for people to experience Indie music. To be a part of Baybeats, people, and musicians from all over the world visit Singapore. The event started in 2002. Buy a bus online ticket and get down at the Esplanade.

When: Every year in July

  • Ultra Singapore

Ultra Singapore is a mega outdoor music event. The two-day music fest is held at the Ultra Park near Marina Sands. The stage comes live with over 40 artists performing techno, house and electronic. For electronic music lovers, Singapore travel becomes necessary for music lovers during this day and night music fest. 

To get an entry ticket to this music fest, you need to be 18 years and above. Re-entering after leaving the festival arena, is not entertained. Bringing in food, drinks, equipment or camera to record, including selfie sticks and monopods are not allowed.

Getting to the venue is easy. Just get a bus online ticket for the Circle or Downtown Line and get down at Bayfront.

When: Early to mid-June

  • Singapore International Jazz Festival

Singapore International Jazz Festival is one of the coolest events held at the Marina Sands Resort. It is a music fest not just for Jazz lovers but for anyone who loves music. It is a three-day event where local artists, international artists as well as Grammy-award winners perform under one roof. The shows are held in two main venues – the main stage at Event Plaza and the Sands Expo and Convention Center. The shows at the Event Plaza can be attended by everyone irrespective of age. Entry is free only for children who are 6-years and below. However, only 18-year and above are allowed for the Late shows at the Sands Expo and Convention Center.

You can buy an online bus ticket and jump into a downtown or circle line to get down at the Bayfront station to get to the event. 

When: Every year in April (Dates may vary.)

  • Sundown Festival, Singapore

This annual Asian music festival started in 2009. It has been held annually since then to showcase Asian talent in art, culture, and music. Spanning over three days, this event is more than just music. It is a platform that exhibits award-winning artworks, films, and music from Asian countries namely India, China, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Vietnam. With every passing year and more participants adding up, the event is getting even bigger.

When: Every year in April (Dates may vary.)

  • Laneway Festival, Singapore

The St. Jerome Laneway Festival is an annual music event. It was a small backyard event when it started. As the years went by, the event escalated to an international level. Music buffs get to hear some great music genres like indie pop, rock-and-roll, alternative and electronic. 

The event features some talented local and newbies as well as international musicians. Guests can experience great foot-tapping music and lovely ambience. The event is held every year at the Meadow Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. To get to the venue, all you need to do is buy a bus online ticket for route 400 or 655.

When: Every year in January 

During celebrations of the Chinese New Year 2020, Singapore, music, as always, will play a big part. Singapore travel during this period is going to be a once in a lifetime experience. Revel in the festive ambiance of the Chinese New Year 2020, Singapore, and get to be a part of the events that unfold. The Chinese New Year 2020, Singapore promises to exhibit some local as well as international performances of cultural troupes. The roads and lanes of China Town will also see some street performances, acrobatic acts, and lion dance in the Chinese New Year 2020, Singapore.

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