Singapore and It’s Unique Culinary Offerings

Singapore is a haven for food lovers. Anybody who loves to eat is bound to fall in love with the city and the variety of dishes it offers. Food in Singapore has strong influences of Malaysian, Indonesian, Indian, and Chinese cuisines. As such, there are countless restaurants in Singapore catering to various types of local as well as international cuisines. Let’s take a look at some: 

Potato Head, Singapore

It is one of the best-known places for Burgers, fries, and a rooftop bar with music in ChinaTown, Singapore. The cuisine at Potato Head, Singapore, is a blend of American as well as Asian influence. Apart from the finger-licking fries and burgers, the place also serves an array of mocktails, cocktails, beer, and wine. So if you are looking for some fun time, this is one of the best restaurants in Singapore to be.

Tip: If you wish to get to Potato Head, Singapore jump into bus route numbers 143 or 147E for which you may avail of a bus online ticket.

Jurong Point

At Jurong Point, food and cuisines from all over the Asian continent are catered in plenty. The Jurong Point food court area is divided into five parts – Malaysia Boleh, Halal Delights, Mongkok, Korean Street, and Shokutsu Ten.

The Malaysia Boleh houses the best of authentic Malaysian local food from Penang, Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur. Some of the best dishes to try out here are the Lor Bak, Prawn Mee, Fried Hokkien Mee, Wanton Mee, and Poached Chicken with plump Ipoh bean sprouts.

At Halal Delights, the succulent Turkey Burger at Swensen’s during November and December are to die for. The desserts at Swensen’s are also mouth-watering.

At the Jurong Point, food and delicacies of Hongkong are to be found in Mongkok. The Hongkong Legendary is one of the best restaurants here.

Tip: You can take bus Route numbers 199 and 30 to reach Jurong Point by buying a bus online ticket.

Ramen, Singapore

Singaporeans love the thick Japanese noodle broth Ramen. As such, the Ramen restaurants in Singapore are much in demand. The best outlets of Ramen Singapore have to offer are Marutama Ramen, Sanpoutei Ramen, and Ramen Nagi.

At Marutama Ramen, a tasty and flavorful chicken broth is served instead of typical pork broth.

From the ingredients which are imported from Japan to serving the broth in a unique Ramen bowl to keep it warm, Sanpoutei Ramen looks into every intricate detail. The clear fish broth is a specialty of this outlet.

The Ramen Nagi is a branch of the famous Fukuoka Ramen chain. The Black King Ramen, which has a pepper and garlic flavor, can cause a tingle to your taste buds.

Tip: All the three outlets of Ramen, Singapore, can be reached by bus route or other means of public transport.

Shake Shack, Singapore

The Shake Shack, Singapore, is an American Burger and Shake outlet chain. At present, it has only one outlet in Singapore at the Jewel Changi Airport Mall. Apart from the all-natural Angus Beef Burgers, Flat-top Beef Dogs, and frozen custard, the Shake Shack, Singapore also serves an exclusive Singaporean menu of Pandan Shake, Shack Attack and Jewela Melaka.

Tip: You can easily reach the outlet by buying a bus online ticket for any bus route to Changi Airport.

Newton Food Center

The iconic Newton Food Center is situated in Singapore’s famous shopping area Orchard Road. The place is well known for its array of local dishes and especially for seafood. The Sambal Stingray, Chilli Prawns and Chilli Crabs with buns are delectable.

Tip: The 143, 48, 5, and 66 bus route numbers can take you to the Newton Food Center easily by buying a bus online ticket. You may also avail of other means of public transport like taxis or underground trains.

Dimsum Outlets, Singapore

Dimsum is as popular in Singapore as it is all over the world. There are a few famous Dimsum outlets in Singapore. 

The Grand Asia Restaurant has a wide selection of traditional Dimsum Singapore people love. The place is also pocket-friendly and is one of the best restaurants in Singapore for Dimsums.

The Peach Blossom Restaurants’ Dimsum Buffet menu has 50 different varieties of Dimsums Singapore people can choose from. Moreover, the Dimsum Buffet is available all 7 days of the week! Although the restaurant offers a large selection of Dimsums, the prices are affordable.

Hai Tien Lo Restaurant is another place where you can get Dimsum Buffets on any day of the week. The restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Singapore, where you will find a fusion menu of the old and the new Cantonese recipes. 

You can easily reach these restaurants by buying an online bus ticket.

Singapore city is a foodie’s paradise. Visitors to the city can avail of special discounts on airfare, hotel bookings, city tours, and sight-seeing through easy online booking in and have a gastronomically fun-filled vacation.













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