SCANIA Super Nice Express Fleet -Features and Benefits

Super Nice Express, under the Unimax Group, boasts a robust fleet with impressive Scania coaches to better serve the burgeoning demand in the express coach market. The Super Nice Express fleet expansion happened in 2021 and included the addition of four brand-new and six pre-owned Scania coaches, financed through Scania Credit and joined under the Ecolution partnership—a testament to Super Nice Express’s dedication to fuel efficiency and reduced carbon emissions. This initiative is a clear reflection of the company’s foresight in fostering economic recovery through bolstered transport services and environmental consciousness.

With Scania’s financial solutions, Super Nice Express enjoys the benefits of flexible financing that complements its business operations, ensuring predictable costs throughout the lifecycle of the coaches.

Features of the SCANIA Super Nice Express Fleet

The Super Nice Express fleet, renowned for prioritizing passenger comfort and safety, comes equipped with state-of-the-art features. This includes the advanced Opticruise gearbox, air suspension, and comprehensive electronic braking systems, ensuring each journey is not just safe but also exceedingly comfortable for passengers.

Super Nice Express’s first engagement with Scania Ecolution in 2020 proved successful, leading to the decision to include all new coaches in this sustainability drive.

In 2020, SuperNice Express became the pioneering express coach service in Peninsular Malaysia’s northern region to join the Scania Ecolution initiative. Following the favorable outcomes in fuel savings with their initial 14 Scania coaches, the company has chosen to extend this eco-friendly partnership to an additional 10 Scania coaches recently acquired. Very popular for trips to Ipoh and other cities in Malaysia, Super Nice Express aka Supernice Grassland is just the right option for the conscious traveller in you!

Final Word

With Scania’s continued support, Super Nice Express is well-equipped to meet this demand, offering passengers a blend of safety, comfort, and environmental responsibility. Additionally Super Nice Express has partnered with online bus ticket aggregator platforms to enable easy booking for passengers.