Singapore Grand Prix 2020

With the holiday season knocking at our doors, almost everyone is in a fix thinking about where to go for annual trips! While there are several places you can go to, Singapore can surely be at the top of your must-visit list, especially during Singapore Grand Prix 2020. From a vibrant nightlife to several festivals, there are many things you can do on your holiday in Singapore. But if you are a fan of car racing, you must go for the Singapore Grand Prix 2020! For the uninitiated, the Singapore Grand Prix is a race that forms a part of the FIA Formula One World Championship. Let us talk a bit more about this Formula 1 event.

  • All You Need to Know about Singapore Grand Prix

The Singapore Grand Prix has been one of the most famous Formula 1 events ever since it became the first night F1 race event in 2008. The Singapore Formula 1 race event will be on the F1 calendar till 2021. Since it is Formula 1’s first-ever night race event, it is also the most-visited F1 event among all the others. 

Set in the backdrop of Singapore’s beautiful night sky, this formula-1 event sees some of the biggest brand investments for marketing and also strong support from the local Government. This F1 Singapore event draws around 30,000 international tourists to the city during this time of the year! Since F1 tickets get sold very fast, especially the Singapore ones, it is better to book yours from now.

  • Your Guide to Buying Tickets for Singapore Grand Prix 2020!

The 2020 Formula 1 Singapore race will take place from 18-20 September, next year. So, what you need to do right away is book your F1 tickets before they get all sold out! Luckily for you, the early-bird discounts are on right now till May 12, 2020. All you do is go to the official website and buy your F1 tickets. But no matter which ticket you choose, getting a complete view of the race track is impossible. But that won’t be much of a problem as the adrenaline rush, and the cheers of thousands will keep you hooked onto this F1 Singapore event. There will be daily concerts by extremely popular names, so this time around, it will be much bigger than the F1 2019 Grand Prix.

The F1 tickets start from around $268 and go up to $1288. Apart from these standard F1 tickets, you can also buy group tickets or Walkabout tickets. They even have great discounts on executive package tickets. If you are taking along your children aged 16 years and below, you will have to purchase the junior tickets for them.

  • Singapore Grand Prix Tickets: Things You Should Keep in Mind

The Marina Bay circuit is divided into four zones, and you can buy tickets for either of these zones. The premium tickets get you access to all the four zones. If you want to see a particular concert happening in a particular zone, make sure you buy the correct ticket which gives you access to that area. 

The F1 2019 Grand Prix was a massive hit due to the various big names that performed during these days. This time, the Grand Prix promises to be bigger and better than F1 2019! If you are visiting the Grand Prix for the first time, take a Zone 1 Walkabout combination. In the early two days, you can sit in the Pit Grandstand, and then on the race day, you can take the walkabout access to Zone 1. You can also buy single-day tickets, but they have not opened for sale yet.

  • Off-track Activities You can Do During Singapore Grand Prix 2020

If you are in Singapore for the F1 event, you will have plenty of time during these three days to explore the vibrant and busy city. Singapore is known to be a foodie and shopaholic paradise. But, there are also plenty of beaches, theme parks and other cool places you could visit and get the essence of the city. Not to forget, the city’s nightlife is pretty crazy too, so don’t miss out on that! 

You could set up a base in ChinaTown if you are going for the Grand Prix. It will be cheaper as well as great for your touristy heart. Do visit Little India for a taste of all the Indian cuisine and to shop till you drop. You could also add a few extra days to your trip and visit Universal Studios, Sentosa Island, Singapore Zoo, and more. To make your local commute easier, book bus tickets online to enjoy a hassle-free journey!

  • Commuting to the Grand Prix Venue

Booking bus tickets online is the best way to travel within Singapore. It will help you have a smaller travel budget, and it will also give you some time for sight-seeing. You can go to or download the app for booking your bus tickets online. 

redBus offers several discounts and deals on bus tickets online booking. If you are traveling from other countries, it is advisable to book your flight tickets well in advance to save yourself from an expensive to-and-fro. So why wait any longer? Start planning your trip to Singapore for all the F1 madness, and be sure to visit redBus to get cheap bus tickets online!

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