10 Things to Do if You Are a Solo Woman Traveler in Singapore

Apart from being a modern cosmopolitan city, Singapore is considered to be one of the safest female solo travel destinations in the world. The Lion City has strict rules, the same for the citizens as well as for the travelers. This makes the city low on crime, making it a haven for solo female travel.

Irrespective of how safe a city Singapore is, here is a list of ten things that any woman on a solo trip should adhere to.

Book accommodation in advance

Instead of having to move around Singapore, especially if it is the first visit, know where to go to after the flight lands at Changi Airport. Not only will it make a woman traveling alone more confident but will also give her enough time to do good research about the place she will be staying in during her Singapore trip. Moreover, an advance accommodation booking will leave her with more time to go around the city instead of having a difficult time looking for a suitable place to stay in.

Safety Tip: Before booking the accommodation, read the reviews.

Research Singapore before traveling

Doing a fair bit of research on Singapore or any destination before traveling is good; it especially holds good for females who are on solo travel to the Lion city. Researching the city will help in planning the trip’s itinerary well.

Safety Tip: Talk to the people, especially women, who have traveled to Singapore before you to know more about the city.

Know the rules

Singapore has many strict rules which, when flouted by anyone, whether it be a citizen or a tourist, has to pay the penalty. If visitors keep themselves from doing something that they would not do otherwise at home, they can be in good space.

Safety Tip: Read through the laws and rules of Singapore thoroughly.

Travel by public transport

Public transportation in Singapore is a great way of traveling around the city while on a solo trip. There are buses, trams, and MRT for various routes in Singapore. It is especially a good and efficient means of transportation for women who are on solo travel to the island state.

Another way to travel cheap to places like Sentosa Island is to buy an online bus ticket at a discounted rate through redBus.

Safety Tip: For women who wish to spend less on transportation can buy the EZ-Link card, which can be used in the public buses, the MRT, and the LRT system in Singapore.

Keep away from drugs

Like anywhere in the world, doing drugs, carrying or selling them is a serious offense in Singapore. The penalty can be a fine of SG$ 20,000 to a maximum of ten years in imprisonment.

Safety Tip: Do not take drugs even before entering the country; any trace of drugs found in the system on arrival is punishable by law.

For budget travel, stay in hostels

For women traveling alone, staying in hostels with few others alike is the cheapest and safest bet. Airbnb is cheaper than most hotels but expensive than dormitories.

Safety tip: Visitors should refrain from getting too friendly with people at the hostel or Airbnb and avoid sharing accommodation details with strangers as a safety measure. Women should also avoid couch surfing while on a solo trip since it may trigger unwanted and unsafe situations.

Travel Light

It is difficult for women to pack fewer clothes and shoes, especially while going on a holiday. However, to feel comfortable while on solo female travel, women should always travel light. To plan your luggage well, start by writing down a list of essentials. Carry those items which can be common to two or more outfits.

Safety Tip: Carry a good pair of walking shoes and a high SPF sunblock.

Keep your documents, card, and cash safe

The most important things while visiting another country for any traveler are her documents that prove her country’s citizenship as well as her identity and the cash she is carrying to sail her through her solo travel. So every solo woman traveler must keep her documents safe. 

Safety Tip: Have duplicate copies of every document with you as well as someone whom you can trust back home. In case of theft or losing of any document, these backup documents can help.

Go on a local tour

A guided group tour can be a cheap option for a solo traveler to know Singapore better. Many types of tours fit the bill for every traveler. The Real Singapore Tours have food tours in the ChinaTown and the Kampong Glam area. There are numerous city tours which can be just the right one for visitors who are transiting in Singapore and have 5-6 hours in hand.

Tip: Try Indie Singapore, a walking tour that does not come with a price, but tourists can donate after the tour ends; it will spare you from getting a hole in your pocket.

Buy a travel insurance

Although traveling in Singapore can be safe, it is best to buy travel insurance. This can help travelers in case of accidents, lost baggage, or delay of flights. 

Safety Tip: Study the insurance claims carefully to analyze what the insurance will cover and whether the coverage is enough.

Places to visit

Singapore is a great destination and is a hot spot for foreign tourists. Here is a list of places that women solo travelers should not miss.

· Experience thrilling rides at the theme park and walking around the Universal Studio at Sentosa Island.

· Spend some time going over the vast display of Asian art at the National Gallery Singapore.

· Do not miss the largest display of Orchids in the world at the Botanic Gardens.

· Go for a cultural excursion to ChinaTown, Little India, and Kampong Glam.

· Lie down under the Supertree Grove for a light and music show at the Gardens by the Bay.

· Shop for clothes, jewelry, shoes, souvenirs, and much more at budget-friendly prices in Bugis Street Market, Mustafa Centre (Syed Alwi Road), and Lucky Plaza (Orchard Road).

Places to Stay

Here are some of the best options to stay for solo women travelers.

· Rucksack Inn, 280 Lavender Street, Singapore 338800.

· Met A Space Pod, 56, Arab Street, Singapore.

· The Bohemian, 40 Mosque Street, China Town, Singapore.

· Thad’s Boutique Hostel, 259 Outram Road, Tiong Bahru, 169056 Singapore.

Now that you know what to do when you travel alone to Singapore, enjoy your solo travel in the island state. Book your travel via redBus for the best deals on sightseeing tours and even hotel accommodations. For online bus tickets at a discounted price, visit www.redbus.sg