Gardens by the Bay- Singapore’s Green Arena

“Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it,”-Anonymous.

As the above saying, Gardens by the Bay is an alluring enormous, vibrant, futuristic park situated in the bay region of Singapore. The popular ‘Supertree’ structures offers a thrilling skywalk over the gardens, huge-sized seashell-shaped greenhouses amuse chilly mountain temperatures and there are plenty of trees and plants to explore, making this garden destination super fun-filled visit for both kids and adults. Book your bus tickets online and rush to gardens by the bay and have a delightful time spent with your loved ones.

The top place to grasp the size of Gardens by the Bay is from the top of Marina Bay Sands that sits direct opposite to the park the space besets some acres of reclaimed land on the waterfront. Strolling around the park won’t cost you a cent but if you wish to step inside the climate-controlled conservatories, or walk amongst the Supertrees, there is a fee decided.

Supertree Grove

The steel-framed ‘tree’ plantation, towering over Gardens by the Bay with large metal structures in the central grove and half a dozen others placed in other parts of the garden. Over 100 diverse species of plants and flowers wraps the exterior of these tall upright gardens and twice a night they are a centerpiece of the gardens’ light and music shows are held, casting a glow over the park, and making you feel like you are in a modern fairy-tale.


People who would like a view, just take trip of 25 metres up to the remarkable walkway that connects trees together. In order to have that extra special dining experience, the 50 metre tree at the center offers food and a view at Supertree, with a 360 degree attractive view from the lounge and a tree-top roofless bar. It’s incredible!

The Greenhouses

If you wish to relax and cool down, just head into Cloud Forest, the smaller shell-shaped building, with little high mountain enclosed in plants that bloom in tropical highlands. If climbing feels too much, there is a lift arrangement that takes you up into the mist and gives you a superb view looking down over the walls of plants and orchids. The Flower Dome is also cooler than outside, creating the drier climates of like the Mediterranean. In this gigantic greenhouse, you shall find yourself on an excursion around the world, with Olive trees from Spain, Kangaroo Paw from Australia and many more to pen down.



The Rest of the Garden

It also comprises of a series of four interconnecting gardens with plants and trees from India, China, Malaysia and the Colonial garden. The host of casual restaurants to give a try for sure: Cafe Crema offers sandwiches and snacks, Seventh Heaven serves ice-cream and Verandah is a traditionally inspired black and white bungalow that features Asian and international menu too.


Visit Gardens by the Bay and create memories that shall never fade away! Appreciate beauty of every corner and let your heart sink into romance all over again!



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