10 things to know when you enter Woodlands Checkpoint

The Woodlands Checkpoint is a transition point between the country of Malaysia and Singapore. It is a causeway which is made up of both railways as well as motorway bridge. The causeway connects Johor of the Malaysian territory with Woodlands in Singapore. The most commonly found buses on this checkpoint would be carrying passengers from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore and vice versa. 

The Woodlands Checkpoint is considered to be one of the busiest border crossings in the world. While booking your online bus tickets, you can check if your bus would be crossing Woodlands Checkpoint. Earlier, the Woodlands Checkpoint was the only land connecting Malaysia and Singapore. Later, the Tuas Second Link was built.

The causeway acts as a water pipeline between the two nations. About 350,000 passengers cross the Woodlands Checkpoint by bus or other modes of travel every day. You can easily book your bus online to save the hassle of standing in long queues. 

Things to know about the Woodlands Checkpoint

The Woodlands Checkpoint is also a train station. Therefore, make sure that you remember the following things about the checkpoint before booking your bus ticket online for a bus that travels via the Woodlands Checkpoint:

  1. Woodlands Checkpoint causeway is about 1056 metres long. Therefore, the time taken to cross this checkpoint is around 2-3 minutes.
  2. The checkpoint is one of the busiest causeways in the world. So, expecting to cover the distance in 2-3 minutes is too ideal and is only applicable to normal roads. Due to a heavy rush on the Woodlands Checkpoint, you might also take hours to cross the causeway.
  3. The bus fare for travelling to the Woodlands Checkpoint would depend on the bus operator and your source city. You can check the prices of the online bus tickets before booking.
  4. The best time to cross the woodlands checkpoint by bus is around 1:30 in the afternoon as the rush is pretty low during the afternoon. The checkpoint experiences heavy traffic around 10 – 11 am and also in the evening.
  5. Woodlands Checkpoint is a small area with a railway station. Therefore, there is only one bus station in the area that is the Woodland Checkpoint station itself.
  6. While travelling from Singapore to Malaysia or vice versa, you should check if there is a holiday season or a surge in tourists. This will determine the time that you might take while crossing the Woodlands Checkpoint.
  7. While you are at Woodlands Checkpoint, you can visit several other attractions like Marsiling Park, Old Woodlands Checkpoint, etc.
  8. Several buses are running from the Woodlands Checkpoint. The best part about these buses is that they will drop you directly to the target destinations like the Resort World Sentosa, Outram Park Station, etc.
  9. If you want to travel to the Woodlands Checkpoint from popular cities like Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, etc., the average fare will be anywhere between 7.00 to 51.5 SGD. This fare depends on the source city and the bus stop that you choose in the source city.
  10. You can choose from many bus operators like Transtar Travel Pte Ltd, 707 inc, Supernice Grassland, Starmart Express etc that take the Woodlands Checkpoint route to travel between the two countries. 

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The border checkpoint has an international relevance as it connects the two most popular countries of southeast Asia: Malaysia and Singapore. Also, it is considered to be one of the busiest causeways in the world. The place also has a lot of eateries and is worth exploring.