Why Would There Be a Rise in Wellness Tourism in Singapore Post COVID-19?

What exactly the term Wellness Tourism means?

When people travel from one place to another with a primary motive of promoting health and well-being, it is known to be wellness tourism. This has emerged as a popular phenomenon in the last couple of years. With time, health and wellness tourism is grabbing more and more eyeballs. According to a report by the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), wellness tourism trips are equal to 6.5% of the whole tourism with several 830 million trips in a single year. 

There are some countries which have been working incessantly in this particular field. Countries like the United States, Germany, Japan, France and Australia are responsible for more than half of the total wellness tourism market.

Precisely, a wellness traveller can be driven by two main wellness motives, namely primary motive and the secondary motive. A primary wellness traveller travels for the core purpose of health and well-being like a yoga enthusiast travelling to a country, especially for an international yoga summit. The second category of travellers, the secondary wellness travellers visit a place for some other reason with an ulterior motive of being healthy. To quote it as an example, a celebrity who will stay at a luxurious hotel while in a foreign country would also ensure that the hotel provides a gymnasium.

Studies have found that a wellness traveller incurs more travelling expenditure on his wellness tour as compared to what a normal traveller spends on his regular trip.

In a country like Singapore, that has an exquisite ambience and a rich culture; there are several reasons for an upsurge in wellness tourism. Some of the most probable ones are listed down below:

  • Growing awareness

In the present times of COVID, everyone has become conscious about their health and is taking safety measures associated with maintaining the longevity of it. In future when everything will get back to normal, tourism is going to be more wellness-oriented. Singapore already has many wellness spas and wellness centres which are going to be in high demand once the restrictions are lifted. People will begin travelling with an ulterior motive of being healthy along with enjoying the vacation.

  • Lucrative business opportunity

Not only Singapore but every country that attracts tourists will move forward in the direction of emphasizing wellness tourism. With growing awareness about health and well-being, there is going to be an upsurge in the trend of health and wellness tourism. This tourism can bring in a lot of business as people travel to far off places just to fulfil their wellness aspirations like spiritual congregations and yoga symposiums. 

  • Aesthetic Singaporean vibe

Anyone would be willing to come to the mesmerizing Singapore after such a hectic time spent amidst coronavirus widespread. Nobody could travel anywhere in the last couple of months. Most of the people refrained from even stepping out of their own houses. With heavenly beaches all around, Singapore is a perfect place for wellness tourism. Various wellness spas provide amazing services to travellers.

  • Considerably inexpensive

Taken into consideration, the cost of travelling to Singapore as compared to other tourist destinations, a vacation in Singapore would not put a lot of pressure on your pocket. The health and wellness centres and services in Singapore are comparatively cheap and are known to be the best. This can be a motivating factor for the tourists to travel to Singapore for a wellness tour. 

  • Spiritual pursuit

Singapore is known for its temples. People from across the world visit Singapore to experience the spiritual essence of this country. Travelling to Singapore, especially for wellness, can satiate your spiritual needs. Out of all the temples situated in Singapore, Sri Mahamariamman Temple is considered to be the most popular one. Different kinds of festivities can be experienced in Singapore, which attracts many tourists from different parts of the world. 

  • Safety and purity

Singapore is famed for being one of the safest countries in the world. It is known to be the topmost country in terms of having zero or very less crime rate. Along with that, Singapore is situated on a coastline which enables the inhabitants to incorporate the natural essence and natural ingredients in the wellness services they provide. A spa on the beachside with the sound of oceanic waves will be much more relaxing as compared to a spa in a room.

  • Existing wellness havens

Apart from all the spellbinding tourist destinations, Singapore is also home to many elite, and luxurious health and wellness havens. You can relax your mind and body and forget about the stressful and testing time spent in the COVID phase. Out of all the wellness spas that serve people in Singapore, some of the most famous ones are:

  • Banyan Tree Spa

This spa is spread across 101 hectares of land with the tallest trees and unique flora from all across the world. This manmade settlement is deliberately constructed away from the tumultuous cities for want of peace.

  • Remede Spa

This state-of-the-art therapy centre is run by one of the most amazing and popular therapists, namely Bastien Gonzalez, a celebrity therapist.

  • ESPA

This wellness centre offers a spa, which is distinguished because of the amalgamation of different styles that comes from different lands all across the world.

  • Aramsa Spa

This therapy studio is situated amidst a forest. It is designed to provide a satisfying and exhilarating experience to the clients.

  • Auriga Spa

Located in Capella Singapore, this centre facilitates you with Balinese, Thai and Shiatsu wellness spa massages.

Although the whole world has had a terrifying experience in the last couple of months, there is still hope that one day everything will get back to normal. After a long time spent sitting inside concrete domes how satisfying it would be to travel to a location where you can enjoy being in the lap of nature.  

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