Types of Buses You Can Book with redBus in Singapore

Online bus booking in Singapore is made easy when you choose to get your bus tickets online with redBus. There are a variety of bus types to choose from that fall within your budget and preferences. These bus types ply along select routes or all over the island nation depending on the bus operator and the time of day. 

Here’s a rundown of the different types of buses available on redBus Singapore for you to book. You’ll also learn how to pull up the type of bus you want by using the handy redBus filters.

Super VIP Buses

Super VIP buses are luxurious buses that come fully equipped with top-notch amenities that promise a comfortable journey. Depending on the bus operator that owns the bus, you will find that Super VIP buses have luxurious reclining seats and curtains. They come with entertainment systems and often have movies and music to listen to. You can also find footrests, personal blankets, and pillows on these buses. Most of them have free WiFi that you may need to activate using a specific app. 

Executive WiFi Coaches

As the name suggests, executive WiFi coaches are affordably priced buses that come with WiFi. The internet on-board can be free to access or paid for, depending on the bus operator. These buses often provide free WiFi up to a certain MB or hour limit, after which you will need to pay to upgrade. However, it is more than enough to check your email or tell your loved ones that you’re on board not to worry. You may need to download an app to connect to the WiFi or use a specific password or access code that comes with your ticket. 


Business coaches are ideal for travelers who are on a strict work schedule or may need to work on their laptops during their journey. Most business-class buses come equipped with strong WiFi and power plugs to charge your phone, laptop, or tablet. Quite a few of them also feature personal entertainment systems should you wish to catch a movie once your work is done. You may also get a snack or meal and a water bottle to tide you through the journey, depending on which bus operator this coach is run by.


This type of bus is affordable without com[promising on luxury, comfort, or security. Executive coaches are fully air-conditioned and come with ample legroom, which is a boon for taller passengers. They also feature reclining seats that are comfortable to fall asleep in. Most executive coaches have personal televisions on the back of each seat for passengers to keep themselves entertained. They also have first aid kits and emergency exits in case of an unforeseen crisis. You would find a large number of executive buses on Singapore to KL bus route.


Double-decker buses allow more passengers to travel in comfort, without infringing on each others’ personal space. They have two levels of seating, and the upper deck is made accessible by a narrow staircase. This way, a lot more passengers can travel on the same bus, thereby reducing their carbon footprint while paying affordable prices. Double-decker buses have ample legroom, comfortable seats, and window curtains to block off the sunlight. 


As the name suggests, economy buses are affordably priced buses that don’t have the frills of luxury coaches but still guarantee a comfortable trip. Economy coaches often feature push-back 3 + 2 seats with restricted legroom. They may also be fully air-conditioned or non-air-conditioned with open windows. Economy coaches are best for those on a limited budget or looking to travel only short distances. They’re not ideal for long or overnight journeys. 


Shuttle buses are usually used along one route, transporting passengers from Point A to point B and back throughout the day. They typically connect transportation hubs in different parts of the country. For example, you might find a shuttle bus going from Singapore’s Changi Airport to Boon Lay or Woodlands. Some shuttle buses are also operated by private companies and hotels, allowing guests to head directly to their accommodation without spending time on public transport. Some popular shuttle buses include those to Changi Business Park and the City Shuttle to hotels in Downtown Singapore. They’re no-frills vehicles but make up for the lack of luxury amenities with ample luggage space and comfortable seats. 


Charter buses are those privately hired by companies to ferry a group of people to a particular location. They are hired for the sole purpose of the company’s use for a day or longer periods. They usually come in handy during large-scale events, business meetings and conferences, when those unfamiliar with Singapore may need to get around. Depending on the chosen bus operator, charter buses are often air-conditioned and feature ample legroom and seats. They vary in size and may accommodate 10, 20, or even 30 passengers. 


Of the different types of buses, standard coaches are the least endowed in terms of luxury or frills. However, they are also the most affordable option. Standard buses are usually in operation along intra-city routes and specialize in covering a number of spots along a chosen route quickly and efficiently. Standard buses are ideal for those traveling on a low budget. Unfortunately, they’re not suitable for travelers with luggage or children in tow, as you might find that there isn’t enough space. 

To find the type of bus you prefer, we would recommend using the “filters” on the right-hand side of the bus listings page. You can pull up the bus type you prefer and see what operators they fall under. Booking a bus with redBus Singapore is a process that takes only a few minutes.