Souvenirs You Can Only Get from Singapore

Singapore, often called the melting pot of Asian culture, is an extremely popular holiday destination. It is one of the last remaining city-states and is located conveniently off the southern tip of Malaysia. The Singaporean culture, food, art, and architecture are few of the main attractions for tourists and most often wonder what are the best things to buy from Singapore.

While Singapore offers the best cuisine one can imagine, it is also known for its vibrant nightlife. It is, without a doubt, one of the most developed cities in Asia and thus is a must-visit. The city is known for its huge shopping culture too so no doubt your friends will be expecting you to get many souvenirs! 

So, if you are wondering about what Singapore souvenirs to get, we have the answers for you. Since the place is an expensive one, we will list out for you some of the unique things to buy in Singapore which you can keep as a souvenir for yourself or even gift someone. Read on to find out more.

Traditional sweets

How can one go to a foreign country and not try out the iconic sweets? Among the Singapore souvenirs to buy, this is undoubtedly a must. While you are out exploring the vibrant streets of Singapore, look for the local sweet shops. If you cannot find any, then you can go to Biscuit King, which is along Casuarina Road. Buy some traditional candies like haw flakes or ais gem. These have been favorite candies for every Singaporean child. So make sure to take a bagful as souvenirs!

  • Available at Biscuit King in Casuarina Road and Munch Munch in Chinatown. Biscuits start from SGD 11.5 per kg.

Tiger Beer

If you leave Singapore without having this granddaddy of beers, then it would be a total shame. This homebrew is extremely famous in this city and is one of the topmost things to buy in Singapore. If you are looking to buy souvenirs from Singapore, this has to be on your list. It will be an excellent gift for your friend, who is into brewed beers. 

  • Available at Tiger Street Lab in Jewel Changi Airport for SGD 4 

Tiger Balm

We don’t need to say more than the name. This is one thing that needless to say goes on the top of the list of Singapore souvenirs. It has been around for several years and is considered a staple in every Singaporean household. It is said to do magic on sore limbs, headaches, and cold. It may not seem like an ideal souvenir, but you will not regret buying this!

  • Available at any medical store for SGD 4.60

Tea from TWG

Among Singapore souvenirs, this is also considered to be a top choice for tourists. If you are looking to buy souvenirs from Singapore, then head over to any TWG café or store. Here you can find a plethora of tea flavors being sold in tea bags and loose as well. Though a bit pricey, it surely will be a gift you will enjoy giving to yourself or any tea-lover friend of yours. You can purchase the Tea taster collection, which has everything from Jasmine tea to English tea. 

  • Available at any TWG store or café. Prices depend on different varieties of tea.

Instant meals

Once you have tasted Hainanese chicken rice or Laksa, you will want to have it again and again. So if you are thinking of buying souvenirs from Singapore, go for the ready-to-eat meals that are easily available in any supermarket. You can also take several types of instant noodles as Singapore souvenirs. 

  • Available at any supermarket. Prices start from SGD 3.75

Orchid perfumes

As already known, the orchid is the national flower of Singapore. So among all the things to buy in Singapore, this has to be in the top five. The strong smell of these perfumes will give you Singapore feel even when you are not there! You can try out Orchids by the Bay, the Orient, and more. Blended with love and infused with several types of orchids, these perfumes will surely be the best souvenirs from Singapore. 

  • Available at any Naiise shops or Sentosa Fun Shops. Prices vary according to the product.

Merlion souvenirs

Merlion is Singapore’s official mascot, and it is half lion and half fish. It is a popular symbol that instantly reminds everyone of Singapore. You can buy status, keyrings, snow gloves, ashtrays, etc. The best place to go and get your hands on these is Chinatown.

  • Available at Chinatown, Little India. Price start from as low as SGD 1.75

Local Singapore plates

If you are a fan of decorating your house with souvenirs from all around the places you travel, this can be a perfect gift. These local Singapore plates are hand-painted mostly and have the distinct symbols of the place. You can shop these from the Independent Market or Naiise.

Apart from these few souvenirs from Singapore, you can also buy salted egg products from Irvins, Kaya from Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Coconut jam, Laksa paste, and more. All you have to do is roam around the streets and look out for small shops that sell authentic Singaporean commodities. If you miss out on the street shopping, you can always get souvenirs from Changi Airport.

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