Singapore Food Festival – A Must-have Gastronomic Experience

From Michelin starred fine dining restaurants to scrumptious and inexpensive hawkers, or the convenience store-bought ready to eat food items; the obsession for good food reflects in every aspect of Singapore’s multicultural image. The same can be seen during the world-famous Singapore Food Festival. Savor the best of traditional Indian, Chinese, Malay, Peranakan, and international delicacies.

The fusion of different cultures has given rise to a tantalizing mix of flavors in the form of Mod-Sin or the Modern Singaporean cuisine, and the deliciousness doesn’t disappoint. Experience the culinary journey and celebrate your love of delectable food as you explore this beautiful city-island nation.

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From a simple noodle dish that draws inspiration from Japanese ramen to wanton mee served with slices of barbecued pork, from toast with soft boiled eggs as the best breakfast option to the bite-sized dim sum, Singapore has everything. The homegrown passionate chefs and bartenders have created more dishes than you can try in one lifetime and have taken the culinary art to a different level.

Explore the world of flavors at the Hawker’s Centres, the heart and soul of Singapore to experience the local delicacies. The soul-satisfying food here is inexpensive, the portions are generous, and options are widespread—noodles, soups, dumplings, and more form the staple diet of the locals.

Marina Bay Sands houses the most sought-after Michelin starred venues. Orchard Road, Fullerton Road, and Clarke Quay have some of the best restaurants in Singapore. These premium venues take months to reserve a table. Make sure you book your slot well in advance.

Interesting Trivia: Chicken rice is Singapore’s national dish. The delectable dish is found at almost every dining venue, from high-end restaurants to humble hawkers. Each of them has their unique version with a twist to this dish.

Food Festival in Singapore

The celebration of mouth-watering and finger-licking cuisine continues to reflect in annual food and liquor festivals held in Singapore. The foodies meet to share and savor their passion and feed their food obsession. If you are planning your trip to Singapore around July, the Singapore food festival is the best option to feast on the local and global cuisine.

What is it, and when is it held?

Singapore Food Festival or the SFF is a multisensory feast for food lovers. It is a platform for upcoming talent in the culinary world. An annual event organized by Singapore Tourism board – STB to showcase the culinary diversity of Singapore, it started in 1994. This July, it will host its 27th edition. Keep a tab on event dates before you book your tickets. The tentative dates for 2020 are from the 17th to the 24th of July.


There are multiple events held at different locations in the city during the Singapore food festival. The entry to most events is free, and you have to pay only for the food purchased. The STREAT at Clifford Square celebrates street food. Other popular venues include the One Farrer’s Food Street and 50 Cents Fest at Chinatown Food Street. There are dozens of such venues all over Singapore. Whether you are craving Asian fare or wanting to explore Japanese, French, Vietnamese, Thai, European, or any other cuisine, you will find an option in the Singapore Food Festival. If you are an alcohol connoisseur, check out the heady mix of top-end liqueur, cocktails, wine, and other beverages. Gulp down best draught beer at select venues during the SFF.

What to Do?

Plan your itinerary after checking the Singapore Tourism Board’s website for all the various venues and events that are happening during the Singapore Food Festival. Explore multiple locations like Telok Ayer Market at Raffles Quay for locally inspired dishes or China Town for traditional Chinese or Asian food with a twist. Little India is known for vegan and vegetarian spread to spicy curries, mutton biryanis, and butter chicken, among other delicacies. Kadayanallur Street, Makansutra Gluttons Bay, open-air market across the bay are the hotspots of sampling the yummy delicacies.

Must-try Dishes

Authentic bak kut teh, stingray meat in thick sambal sauce, kaya toast, avocado coffee, chili crab ramen, kueh, oyster omelet, char kway teow, rojak, satay grilled meat, roasted duck, pork ribs, barbequed chicken, freshest of seafood, and more are must-try dishes. Dig into a huge platter or savor everything in a small serving. Every bite of these edible and delectable souvenirs will make your Singapore trip a memorable one.

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Besides celebrating food, cooking lessons, culinary workshops, master-classes, food tours, theatrical dining experience, multi-course meals, private chef dinners, there are other fun-filled activities to make the event a complete celebratory carnival.

Interesting Trivia: Buah keluak nut, an ingredient used in several Peranakan dishes, contains cyanide in raw form. To make it edible, it has to be boiled and cured. This requires the talent of an experienced chef or a hawker who cooks it daily at the local markets.

Getting Around

With Singapore’s well developed and efficient transit system, reaching your destinations across the city to find the best food in Singapore is very convenient. Download the local app to help you reach the nearest MRT, LRT station, or the bus route to discover new flavors, share the culinary passion, and enjoy the world-class dining experience.

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