Expansion of the Majestic Fast Ferry Fleet : Navigating Excellence

Majestic Fast Ferry continues its legacy of maritime innovation with the recent addition of high-speed catamarans to its impressive fleet. The company, renowned for operating vessels between Singapore and Batam, Indonesia, proudly announces the delivery of the first vessel of a new class – the Majestic Dream. This 39-meter Incat Crowther-designed high-speed catamaran signifies a leap forward in fuel efficiency and passenger capacity.


Fuel-Efficient Marvel: Majestic Dream

Built at Majestic’s Batam shipyard, the Majestic Dream is the pioneer of a new class of fuel-efficient HSC-compliant passenger vessels. The collaboration between Majestic Ferry and Incat Crowther has once again resulted in a vessel that outshines its competitors in comfort, performance, and fuel consumption.

Key Features of Majestic Dream – The New Entrant in the Majestic Fast Ferry Fleet

  • Passenger Capacity: With an extended beam and length, Majestic Dream accommodates 317 passengers, a significant increase from previous designs.
  • Configuration: Similar to the 33-meter vessels, the catamaran features toilets aft, midship boarding doors, adjacent luggage storage, all on a single deck. Additionally, it introduces a pair of VIP rooms with private accommodations and larger seats.
  • Engines: Fitted with MTU 16V2000 M72 main engines, Majestic Dream achieves a loaded speed of 32 knots on trials and cruises comfortably at 28 knots at less than 85% MCR. The vessel fully complies with the HCS Code.

Expanding the Fleet: Majestic’s Vision

The arrival of Majestic Dream marks the initiation of a series of higher capacity vessels, showcasing Majestic Fast Ferry’s commitment to meeting growing market demands. A sister ship is expected to join the fleet later in 2017, with additional vessels already under construction.

Principal Dimensions of Majestic Dream

  • Length Overall: 128′ / 39.0m
  • Length Waterline: 127′ / 38.7m
  • Beam Overall: 32′ 10″ / 10.0m
  • Draft (hull): 3′ 10″ / 1.16m
  • Draft (prop): 6′ 8″ / 2.03m
  • Depth: 10′ 8″ / 3.25m
  • Construction: Marine-grade aluminum

Generation 2 Incat Crowther 39s: A Grand Trio of Majestic Fast Ferry Vessels

In a strategic move, Majestic Fast Ferry has welcomed three new Incat Crowther-designed passenger ferries: Majestic Peace, Majestic Spirit, and Majestic Flair. These vessels, built at PT Cahaya Samudra Shipyard in Indonesia, represent the first batch of nine Generation 2 Incat Crowther 39s to be integrated into Majestic’s growing fleet.

Noteworthy Features of Generation 2 Vessels

  • Passenger Capacity: Each ferry can transport 312 passengers at speeds of up to 32 knots.
  • Design: The main deck offers air-conditioned comfort for all passengers, complemented by large luggage and cargo hold areas and five accessible bathrooms.
  • Engines: Powered by a pair of MTU 16V2000 M72s, generating 1930hp @ 2250rpm, with a service speed of 28 knots and a top speed of 32 knots.

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A Global Impact

Majestic Fast Ferry’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the Singapore-Batam route. Recent deals have seen 11 Generation 1 Incat Crowther ferries, compliant with domestic regulatory requirements, sold to operators in Europe, the Middle East, the South Pacific, and Asia. With an additional nine Incat Crowther vessels in construction, including the new 42-meter vessels Majestic Glory and Majestic Honor, Majestic Fast Ferry continues to make waves on a global scale.