Lantern Festival- The Most Spectacular Event in Singapore

The Lantern Festival is one of the most beautiful Chinese festivals in Singapore that everybody celebrates in the country! The Chinese New Year holiday will end with the Lantern Festival, also called the Yuan Xiao Jie. There would be much joy in the streets as people would fly bright drones, send up flying sparkling lanterns, and enjoy the celebrations with friends and family in natural areas and parks. If you are in Singapore during this time of year, do not miss out on this wonderful festival.

The Lantern Festival is always celebrated during the first Chinese Lunar month, on the 15th day. The 2023 Chinese Lantern Festival will take place on February 5th. This Chinese Lantern Festival, also known as Yuan Xiao Jie or Yuanxiao Festival, takes place on the 15th day of the first lunar month, two weeks after Chinese New Year.  

Origin of Lantern Festival

It is believed that the festival began in the Western Han Dynasty, more than 2000 years ago. This day was designated for the worship rituals for Taiyi (Tai Yi Shen), one of the sovereigns of the universe, by Emperor Wu (Han Wu Di). After his reign, unrest and intense power play came, and the people were not living happily as peace was destroyed. The new ruler, Emperor Wen (Han Wen Di), made the 15th a holiday to celebrate the return of happiness and peace. Since then, every household would light lanterns and candles, and it was known as Nao Yuan Xiao.

Another story is that the Emperor of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Emperor Ming, was a devout Buddhist, and he heard that monks would light candles on the 15th for the Buddha. For that, he wanted the temples and palace to be lit in candles and ordered the citizens to hang lanterns as well.

These events eventually blended to become the Lantern Festival we know today.


According to various folk customs of the Chinese, people gather for celebrations on the night of Yuan Xiao Jie (the Lantern Festival). Since China is a large country with diverse cultures and long history, the Lantern Festival activities and customs differ for various regions. However, every region would enjoy lighting lanterns, setting off fireworks, lantern games, flying drones, and lion dances.

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Some of the most important customs are:

  1. Lighting Lanterns

Lighting Chinese New Year Lanterns and appreciating them is one of the main activities of the festival. When the Lantern festival comes, lanterns of many sizes and shapes are lit everywhere, including, parks, malls, households, and streets, attracting many locals and tourists. People will also choose to hold small lanterns while walking on the streets.

The Chinese new year lanterns demonstrate traditional Chinese symbols and images such as birds, animals, people, buildings, flowers, and letters. The lanterns are lit as a symbol of having a brighter future.

2.       Guessing Lantern Riddles

The owners of the lanterns also write riddles on paper and attach them to the lanterns. People around it will have to guess the riddle. This tradition started in the Song Dynasty is one of the most popular and important activities of the festival. This is an interesting and very informative activity that has been popular for many centuries.

3.       Lion Dances

The Lion dance is a very important traditional folk dance of the Chinese. The lion dance goes back to the Three Kingdoms Period. The ancient Chinese people regarded the lion as a symbol of strength and bravery, and the lion is believed to protect the people by driving the evil spirits away. Therefore, this traditional dance is an important event during the Lantern Festival, to pray for safety and good fortune and to ward off evil.

Places of Lantern Festival Celebration in Singapore

During the Lantern Festival, many lantern fairs would be held in various parts of Singapore, offering tourists the best experience of the celebrations. The most popular places are:

  1. Chinatown

Chinatown is one part of Singapore where the Lantern festival takes place in a full scale due to the Chinese population. You can find many activities at the Lantern festival in this part of the city. Chinatown is a blend of old and new cultures with amazing cuisines and specialties, and you can get to Chinatown by getting down at Maxwell Rd FC bus stop.

Although light is associated with almost every festival, certain festivals are strictly associated with it. Light and lantern festivals are celebrated worldwide for different reasons and in different ways. If you plan to visit Singapore, you sure would love to be a part of the Chinatown Mid-Autumn light-up festival. Lights and lanterns are associated with this particular festival. It is a time for celebration all across Singapore.

Friends and families gather to celebrate this festival in their respective ways. Children might consider participating in the Chinatown Lantern Painting Competition to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. This Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 event is filled with family-friendliness, lantern-painting competitions, etc. Kreta Ayer CC and the Chinatown Festival Committee organise these events. Singaporean kids have the custom of hanging lanterns during the holiday.

2.       Gardens by the Bay

Another Lantern festival you must see is the Garden by the bay Lantern Festival. The Garden by the Bay Lantern festival is considered to be one of the most beautiful areas where the festival is celebrated. The lanterns adorn the area while visitors can enjoy street food, cultural performances, and traditional Chinese arts and crafts. Garden by the Bay mid-autumn festival is also a very popular tourist attraction. However, you can visit the Lantern festival if you are in Singapore during February or visit the Gardens by the Bay mid-autumn festival if you visit in autumn. You can book bus ticket online to reach Singapore for this grand celebration. People who are visiting from Malaysia can book bus from KL to SG to reach Singapore on a budget.

Getting your own Lanterns

You can get your own lanterns in various shops in Chinatown, such as Gemini Body Shop or in shops like Khiam Teck Party or Party & Gifts.

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