Guide to the Singapore Zoo – Show Timings, What to See, and Whom to Sight!

The Night Safari? The Tiger Trail? The Splash Safari Show? Or the Rainforest Kidzworld? Where to head first when at the Singapore zoo? What to do so that you do not miss out on anything? Read on, to find out!

The Singapore Zoo is slightly hard to reach, as there are no MRT stations near the zoo. So, the best way to reach it is by taking the public transport till the Ang Mo Kio station (North-South line), and then taking a taxi from there.

Home to over 3,500 feathered and not-so-feathered species, you can be sure that doing a complete tour of the Singapore Zoo will take you a full day. If you are travelling with kids, then the Singapore Zoo is a great way to spend some time with them. The zoo has several shows and feeding sessions that will keep the little darlings engaged!

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The reason why the Singapore Zoo is enjoyable is because all the animals are housed in their natural environments rather than in cold, steel cages. The fence on most of the enclosures is also masked with greenery, so that it gives the feeling of seeing the animals in their natural habitat.

One of the most enjoyable experience in the Singapore Zoo is the Breakfast with the Orangutans, where the public can enjoy a breakfast buffet with the great natives being of Asia. It is scheduled at 9.30 A.M., every morning (Zoo opens at 7.30 AM), so be there early if you want to munch with the apes!

The Fragile Forest is a must-visit if you are a lover of furry creatures. Everything from tree kangaroos, flying foxes, ring-tailed lemurs, and mouse-deers can be seen nestling between the trees.  

The Singapore Zoo also offers a special ‘Night Safari’, where you can take a tour of the rainforest at dusk for a spine-chilling experience. The Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo opens up at 7.30 PM and has several interesting shows as a part of it, and is set bang in between the rainforest!

The zoo is divided into numerous zones such as Wild Africa, Australian Zone, The Great Rift Valley Of Ethiopia, Primate Kingdom, Treetop Trails, Frozen Tundra ( Yes, there are actual polar bears here) Critters Longhouse, and Reptile Garden. Each zone showcases separate species from the mighty animal kingdom and feeding the animals when the trainers are around, of course, is allowed.  

Some of the other exhibits in the Singapore Zoo include Red River Hogs, White Tigers, Elephants Of Asia, Otters, Pygmy Hippos, Naked Mole Rats, and Sun Bears, along with many others, and each is more fascinating that the other.

If walking around the entire 28 hectares of the Singapore zoo seems too weary, then you can ramble about around in a tram, which takes you along the entire perimeter of the zoo (Last tram is at 5.30 PM). Don’t forget to visit the  Rainforest Kidzworld which is littered with some amazing water-sports for kids!

Head home after an amazing day among the inhabitants of the woods! Have a happy holiday!

P.S- The Singapore Zoo gives you special goodies and a free entry on birthdays. So, carry your ID proof if it’s your birthday!

Suggested Itinerary:

9.00 AM – Arrive and spend some time at the Tree Top Trails

9.30 AM – Enjoy breakfast with the Orangutans.

10.30 AM – Check out the sea lions at the Splash Safari Show.

11.00 AM- Spend some time at the Primate Kingdom.

12 noon –  Visit The Great RIft Valley Of Ethiopia

1.00 PM – Head towards the Kidz Rainforest/ Have lunch at one of the zoo restaurants.

2.00 PM – Look in on the Rainforest Fights Back Show

2.30 PM – Check out the walking trails in the Singapore Zoo.

3.00 PM- Drop by the Australian Zone.

So, book a suitable bus to Singapore zoo at a suitable time via redBus and enjoy your interaction with animals!

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