Best 4 Things to do in Changi Village, Singapore

Singapore is recognized as probably the cleanest and safest countries on this planet. As a city-state, the entire nation is one enormous metropolis. Because of this, the place is broken down into villages. Quickly take a bus to Singapore and enjoy the listed activities in Changi Village.

If you are tired of the usual hangouts, then enjoy the fun-filled things that you can do at Changi Village, Singapore.

Changi Boardwalk: This discipline of Singapore will not be as developed as the rest areas of the country or quainter than different villages. The Changi Boardwalk is 1.2km long and runs between the shoreline and the Changi seashore. You will be capable to benefit from the weather and the water even as stopping by means of small stores. This more closely resembles a fishing village.


Changi Boat Jetty: Taking a boat jetty tour is a fun apart from strolling, which you will do typically in a large quantity when in Changi. Virtually the village is the boat jetty. Right here you could take a brief boat experience, both together with your own crew or with a better tour. Seeing the field from water offers you an entirely one of a kind point of view, which is able to exhibit how special the Changi village is from the relaxation of built-up Singapore.

changi jetty

Changi Chapel and Museum: This museum is in general dedicated to wartime artifacts both from Singapore and from Japan. Japan played a significant role in Singapore’s history throughout the second World struggle. There is a combination of now not only Jap artifacts but also British, who had colonized the country previously. The small museum is vibrant and vivid. If you are involved in knowing about the village and about its past, during the course of World warfare II, make sure to visit it.

Try Local Food: Always opt for the nearby local food options. The meals in Singapore is probably considered the greatest on this planet, again when you think that it served as a crossroad port for regions all around the world. Even as you will not in find road providers as such, then you can stop in at an outdoor food court display and pick its delectable cuisine.

local food

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