Most Beautiful Road Trips in Singapore

Road trips are always an incredibly exciting thing to do, especially when you are planning on having one with your friends or family! Singapore is a captivating city with amazing highways and great roads that can be used to easily access some of the most breathtaking and spectacular countries on the planet, such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. For people in Singapore, visiting a neighboring country is simply a matter of packing light and heading out into the highways! For your next fabulous road trip with an ultimately beautiful destination, check out these places!

  1. Desaru

One of the best road trips in Singapore, Desaru, is perfect for a short weekend getaway. With sandy beaches and a lazy vibe, the route is ideal for escaping the fast-paced urban lifestyle and entering into a realm of relaxation and serenity. With many fruit plantations and farms, the best time to visit Desaru is during the summer. You can drive from Singapore via Lebuhraya Senai. You can also travel via bus by booking your tickets using the redBus app. The duration of the bus journey is around 3.5 hours.

Best Things to See: Adventure waterpark, Desaru Beach, and Desaru Fruit Farm

Total Distance: 98.5 km (1 hour and 41 minutes)

2.       Krabi 

Go on a drive in your car or get on a bus to reach this ultimate paradise! It is one of the best road trips in the world, and there are a lot of things this destination has to offer. Once you are in Krabi, explore the island by hiking, kayaking, and scuba diving! These activities will help you have a memorable weekend, so hurry up and book buses using redBus, your ultimate road trip planner! The most beautiful route is through AH2 from Singapore. You can book bus tickets via

Best Things to See: Ko Lanta, Railay Beach, Ko Poda, and Tiger Cave Temple

Total Distance: 1156.7 km (14 hours and 5 minutes)

3.       Penang

If you want an offbeat destination and route, then Penang would be the ideal choice. You can quickly reach Penang from Singapore, and the route is very beautiful and enjoyable. The destination is a hub for culture and arts, and every aspect of Penang is sure to impress you. The best route is via AH2 and AH2/E1, and this route is mostly coastal. redBus provides numerous options from Singapore to Penang and offers the best deals like discounted ticket prices and hotel accommodations.

Best Things to See: Gurney Drive, Penang Hill, and Kek Lok Si Temple

Total Distance: 714.8 km (7 hours and 58 minutes)

4.       Cameron Highlands

Planning a short vacation and a long road trip? Cameron Highlands is ideal for little trips from Singapore! Though the long road trip can be a little tiring, seeing the destination will help you forget your troubles. The place is popular amongst flora and nature lovers, and you could also find cute little places to dine on local cuisines. The most popular route is via AH2 and AH2/E1. You can travel from Singapore to Cameron Highlands in comfort if you book a bus using the redBus app or website.

Best Things to See: Cameron Tringkap Bee Farm, Time Tunnel, Strawberry farm, and The Boh Tea Plantations

Total Distance: 562.9 km (6 hours and 58 minutes)

5.       South Buona Vista Road 

This road is an adventurous daredevil for the driver as it is one of the most challenging road trips with 99 turns and mountain tracks. At the destination, there are places with beautiful tree-lined canopy walks, hiking-trails, captivating rivers, and a small port. This is a very peaceful destination and is perfect for both peace-seekers and adventurers. You could simply book your bus online on redBus, as the website can act as your ultimate road trip planner!

Best Things to See: The Kent Ridge Park and Pasir Panjang Port

Total Distance: 15 km (19 minutes)

6.       Malacca

People popularly choose Malacca routes because of its quaint beauty. Malacca is a peaceful and charming place and is only a few hours away from Singapore by road. Any visitor would love the captivating change in scenery and the historic alleyways of the town. It is a gorgeous road trip and is considered to be one of the best road trips in the world. The most beautiful route from Singapore is via the AH2 route. You can also travel on this scenic route via bus by booking your online bus tickets on the redBus app.

Best Things to See: Christ church, A Famosa, Stadthuys, and Church of St. Paul

Total Distance: 239.1 km (3 hours and 10 minutes)

7.       Tuas Raffles Marina Lighthouse

Go one a leisurely drive through one of the most peaceful areas of Singapore, Tuas. The area has many beautiful industrial parks and stunning beaches that any traveler would love to see. Tuas is one of the most beautiful places in the country and is worth visiting with your friends and family. The best route to take from Singapore is via PIE. Use redBus to book sightseeing tours in Singapore that will take you to all the scenic places.

Best Things to See: Raffles Marina Lighthouse, museums, and Snow city

Total Distance: 38.6 km (36 minutes)

Road Trips are a fun way to escape your daily, mundane routine without too much planning. Singapore is never too small to provide you with the best road trip experiences, so start planning your getaway now with redBus!