How COVID-19 Has Given a Chance to Improve Transportation

The Coronavirus outbreak has impacted public transportation in several ways. Wearing masks, using sanitizers quite often, and maintaining social distance wherever possible are the habits people in Singapore have adopted. The Transport Minister of Singapore has also focused on additional cleaning and deploying people to ensure that social distancing norms are being followed. However, to transform Singapore into a future-ready power, the current COVID-19 situation is a chance to see improvements in transportation facilities. So, what improvements and innovations can we expect in future transportation? Let’s take a look!

  1. In May 2020, Singapore launched 45 buses daily to transport COVID patients to hospitals. These buses came with several modifications, such as compartments having air-tight dividers, negative pressure systems, and high-quality air filters. Even in the future, such high-quality buses would be needed to handle any emergency well.
  2. To run the high-quality buses, well-trained and professional drivers will also be required. There’s a need to train the drivers for proper use of personal protective equipment and manage the decontamination process in the buses to ensure passengers’ safety.
  3. Bus operators around the world are adopting various new strategies to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. This also includes separate gates in buses for boarding and exiting. Many bus operators have also started closing the front door to keep drivers separate from passengers.
  4. Wearing face masks while traveling has become a new ‘normal’ and will continue for a long time to come. Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) took the help of posters and social media campaigns in order to highlight the importance of wearing face masks and other precautionary measures while traveling. 
  5. One Of the most important measures that our future transportation system would require is an improved cleansing mechanism. Whether it’s by using disinfectant sprays or by using advanced ultraviolet lights, all vehicles need to follow a systematic cleansing mechanism. redBus has recently launched its Safety+ feature where buses would be deep cleaned and sanitized before and after every trip.
  6. Apart from the operators, the city authorities would also be required to go beyond the regular transit management system and create separate zones for pedestrians, buses, and personal vehicles. By identifying the major areas with pedestrian footfalls, authorities can add more pedestrian-friendly zones close to the bus terminals so that passengers can move safely while following social distancing.

The COVID-19 outbreak is an opportunity for us to rethink and replan our entire transportation system so that we can be ready to fight any unprecedented situation in the post-pandemic world. By implementing some modifications in the modes of transportation, taking precautionary measures, and spreading awareness, we can make our cities and people safe. The Safety+ feature by redBus also promotes healthy and hygienic traveling. You can also book buses from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia soon equipped with all the Safety+ features. We’re sure that you would surely enjoy your journey with this initiative!