Why Buses Are the Best to Move Around Singapore Post Lockdown

Singapore offers an extensive network of buses having access to every corner of this city-state. According to a report, compared to 24 major cities worldwide, Singapore’s public transportation system is considered one of the best in the world. There are several reasons behind the popularity of buses in Singapore, the significant being: Availability, Affordability, Accessibility, Convenience, and Maintenance. Even today, when the country is fighting with the Coronavirus crisis, buses and bus stops are going through the safety coating and cleaning regime to help passengers travel safely. Thanks to the Singapore Government, the state is taking no chances and has responded well to the COVID-19 outbreak with a good cleaning strategy. Check out some of the reasons why buses are the best to move around Singapore post lockdown!

Buses are Safe

This is the first and most important reason to travel by bus in Singapore. Buses are comparatively smaller than trains and airplanes and can easily be modified according to passengers’ requirements. With features like Safety+, which was recently introduced by redBus, it has become easier to follow social distancing norms and take precautionary measures while traveling by bus. On the other hand, buses are the means of road transportation and can be diverted to a safe place during any emergency. 

Buses Go Everywhere

You can’t expect trains and airplanes to drop you at the nearest location of your home, but it is quite possible with buses. If you’re traveling to or from any remote location in Singapore, buses are the only medium you can trust. This not only saves you from hassle but also saves the extra cost of a taxi. 

Buses are Affordable

In 2013, fares of public transport were reviewed in Singapore, and new measures were introduced so that senior citizens, low-wage workers, and children can enjoy traveling at an affordable cost. According to research, Singapore ranks 2nd in transport fare affordability. Bus operators like Starmart Express, Transtar Travel, and Causeway Link offer extremely affordable tickets from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

Buses are Efficient & Regular

Even when physical distancing is being imposed in most buses, leading to decreased occupancy of passengers, Singapore buses have been extremely efficient and regular. Thanks to Singapore’s fast bus transportation, you never have to wait for longer hours before finally boarding a bus. By booking a bus via the redBus website or app, one can also filter the bus options based on the most suitable time and know the exact time of bus departure and arrival.

In addition to being an economical option to travel in and around Singapore, buses also offer panoramic views of the city through their windows. You can simply sit comfortably in your air-conditioned buses while enjoying the greenery and glittering places outside. With the help of redBus, one can not only book a bus ticket online in Singapore but also choose the buses with Safety+ feature to ensure good hygiene and stay safe from the spread of novel Coronavirus. What’s your reason to travel by bus in Singapore? Let us know in the comments section!