Let’s Dance: Join the Alfa 2022 in Kuala Lumpur with redBus

The ALFA or the Afro-Latin Fest Asia is a cultural festival usually held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that combines the African and Latin dance forms. The event has been a success ever since its launch in 2017. The previous year ALFA event was cancelled due to the pandemic and people are looking forward to the ALFA 2022 which is due to happen from 30th September to 2nd October, 2022. 

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What is ALFA?

As mentioned, ALFA is basically a dance festival that combines the dance forms of Africa and Latin America. Here, several famous artists participate to showcase their talent and conduct workshops for others to learn more about that dance form. Dance enthusiasts and artists throng this event for their love for dance and to dance to the tunes of those wonderful DJs who also experiment with their talent in music. 

Interested people can participate in the event in various categories as organizers, vendors to sell their products and goods, artists who want to participate and showcase their skills, or just as volunteers to help organize the entire event. 

ALFA 2022: Events

The ALFA 2022 is mainly divided into three events. They are workshops, performances, and parties! The workshops are conducted during the day by various famous instructors. The dance performances are the next event where you can see some famous personalities performing their skills in their respective dance forms.


alfa 2021
ALFA 2022 is going to be a stunning event

The final event of the day is in the event and goes on throughout the night with dance, socializing, and partying. Here there are separate rooms for Afro and Latin music and people can go into either of these dance floors. 

ALFA 2022: Dance forms

As mentioned, the main dance forms are African and Latin American. It is not just one dance form that you will see but multiple ones. The dance workshops are conducted by artists from all over the world and they focus on various forms.  

Workshops on Latin street dance forms include the Salsa, Zouk, and Bachata while the African street dance forms that you see are the Kizomba, Merengue, Pachanga, Cha-Cha, Reggaeton, Afro-Cuban, Rumba, etc. 

The workshops are made to suit everyone, regardless of their skill level from beginners to experts. It is an opportunity to learn something new and polish your skills from the experts. The event is a paid event with a starting cost of $100 per person for a bachata bootcamp with the prices of different passes being variable. Check the official site for more info. 

ALFA 2022: Date and Location

The ALFA 2021 event will be happening from – 

  • The event starts with a pre-party on 30-Sep to 2-Oct, 2022.
  • The Festival will feature Masterclass, Workshops, Themed Parties & Shows.
     JP & Stephy (Urban Kiz)
     Janis & Zoe (Bachata Sensual)
     Adonis Santiago (Cuban Salsa)
     Sanjay & Quinn (Tarraxao)
     Dhwani & Stacy (Cuban Salsa)
     Azlan & Mariah (Fusion Kiz)
     Arun & Sneha (Salsa & Bachata)
     Francisco (Tango Kiz)
     Ali & Janey (Bachata)
     DJ Selva
     DJ Harry
     DJ Flavian
     DJ Sam
     DJ Kizka
     DJ Vish
    More artists & DJs coming soon!
  • The VIP pass will cost you around $450 and give you access to all workshops, bootcamps, parties, and shows. 
  • There is full pass, party pass and more in different price slabs. 

The tentative location of this year’s event is at the –

2, Jalan Hang Kasturi, 

Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 

Kuala Lumpur. 

How to reach the ALFA 2022 event?

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