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How to Find Cheap Bus Tickets in Singapore

Tips to book Singapore cheap tickets

Singapore is an island city-state situated in southeast Asia. Buses are used very frequently in Singapore for transportation needs within and outside the city. Many bus operators in Singapore boast a multinational presence as you will find buses from different boarding points in Singapore to neighboring country Malaysia. One can book bus tickets by going to a physical ticket booking counter or via online mediums. One can use many hacks to find cheap bus tickets in Singapore and can save their money. Read on to know more about how to save money while booking bus tickets in Singapore.

Choose the Right Platform

There are many online platforms to book bus tickets. One should choose the right online bus ticket booking platform to find cheap tickets. Untrusted sources levy unnecessary charges on its users or provide bad conveyance services. You don’t want to keep waiting for your bus for hours at the boarding point by booking a bus ticket from an unreliable source. You can use redBus for booking your online ticket as it is the world’s largest bus ticket booking platform. 

You will get authentic services from redBus, which will keep you away from any type of fraud. redBus also provides affordable service to its users. Don’t use any spam links and WhatsApp forwards claiming to provide bus services at a lower price. Good service providers maintain communication with their passengers and inform them about departure time, bus conductor contact number, etc. in advance. redBus will also inform you about your travel details like e-ticket/M-ticket, operator contact number, departure time, etc. via SMS/mail.

You will also receive many other benefits by choosing redBus as your bus ticket booking platform. Benefits of using redBus are:

• Smart bus tracking system is provided via redBus mobile application.

• 24*7 customer support is provided to users.

• No hidden costs on redBus.

• Secure payment system and your personal data will be protected with redBus.

• Easy to use interface and process for online ticket booking via redBus application/website.

• redBus provides seat reservation for women.

• You will get many options to choose from and can find affordable bus tickets in Singapore via redBus.

Use Promotional Offers

One should always look at promotional offers on any platform before booking bus tickets. Promotional offers and coupon codes can lower the price of your bus ticket. Many operators around Singapore provide discounts on bus tickets during festival seasons. You should keep yourself updated with the operator websites and grab promotional offers when they arrive to get cheap bus tickets. redBus also give coupon codes to its users, which can be used to get a discount on the total ticketing price. You will also receive cashback from redBus in your redBus e-wallet, which can be used to book online tickets.

You can also use particular e-wallets, debit/credit cards, which are tied up with various online bus ticket booking platforms, and further lessen your total ticketing price. Online ticketing will help you in getting cheap bus tickets without even going to a physical ticket booking counter.

Explore Options

One should look at the prices of bus tickets of all the operators servicing any particular route. Sometimes prominent operators servicing any particular route may offer bus tickets at a very high price as they are reputed service providers. It would be best if you explored small operators as they may be offering you cheaper bus tickets in Singapore. One should explore all the operators and should compare their prices and choose accordingly. New operators also provide cheap coach tickets sometimes. redBus has many operators that are tied up with it and provide conveyance services in Singapore. You can get plenty of options to choose from and can get cheap bus tickets.

You should also read the reviews about any operator before booking a bus ticket as it will help to know about the top-rated operators. 

Try all Search Combinations

When you are booking an online bus ticket from any platform, try to use all the search combinations in terms of boarding and dropping points. Sometimes, several boarding points or dropping points are situated close to each other but have a difference in the ticketing price. Besides booking a bus ticket to any prominent dropping point, search for any else dropping near it (if available) to witness a difference in the fare. You should try all the options and then choose the affordable one.

One can apply search filters on redBus mobile application/website to search buses based on different boarding and dropping points. You can also apply operator search filters to book bus tickets from your favorite operator on redBus.

Be Connected to the Community

Online booking platforms engage with users on social media platforms and post their latest offers. You can check the websites of service providers regularly for more updates. There are discussion forums online where people discuss the latest traveling news. redBus also has its website, where you can get to know the latest offers. Time-limited offers or offers on first arrivals can be used by you to get cheap bus tickets if you are connected with the traveling community online.

One can also view traveling blogs on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, etc. You can get to know about traveling tips and hacks to make your travel less expensive.

Bus travel is the cheapest form of transportation in Singapore as compared to other modes of transportation. There are frequent buses to different cities in Singapore and neighboring country Malaysia because of the greater number of bus operators. One can see the fares, schedule, amenities offered, etc. of various Singapore buses via redBus. Comparing ticket prices and having multiple options will help you find cheap bus tickets. One should use the aforementioned tips to find cheap bus tickets but should not degrade their travel quality in doing so. Don’t opt for low rated bus operators in search of cheap bus tickets. Book cheap bus tickets online now!

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