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Things you need to know before Booking a Bus ticket from Singapore to Kuantan, redBus

Kuantan sign on river in Kuatan, Phahang, Malaysia - River water with reflection while sunset

Kuantan is the capital of the Malaysian state of Pahang, which is a popular tourist attraction. Many people choose to travel by bus from Singapore to Kuantan because it is the most convenient form of transportation. On a regular basis, travellers can choose from a fleet of four buses that run between Singapore and Kuantan.

Transnasional is the only coach company that offers services at all hours of the day. Singapore is a developing island nation with a well-developed transportation system. As a global trade and transportation hub, Singapore attracts a large number of tourists on a regular basis. On the other hand, Kuantan is situated near the mouth of the Kuantan River, which faces the South China Sea and is home to a variety of natural wonders. It gets its name from the nearby Kuantan River, which runs through the district.

The bus from Singapore to Kuantan can be easily booked via redBus. The redBus platform on the desktop or mobile app can be used to purchase a bus pass or ticket from Singapore to Kuantan.

Travelling from Singapore to Kuantan:

When travelling by road, the distance covered between Singapore and Kuantan is roughly 380 kilometres. By bus, it takes about 7 hours to travel. Singapore to Kuantan bus tickets vary depending on the operator; however, the exact time varies based on factors like weather, traffic, exact sources of destination points, and more. Using the redBus online platforms, you may schedule a bus from Singapore to Kuantan at any time of day. You can also check Singapore to Kuantan bus ticket prices online. 

Via a network of bus transportation systems, Singapore is well linked to Pahang’s capital city. Finding a dependable bus contractor who can be relied on to provide timely, clean, and pleasant travel options is one of the most difficult challenges that travellers face. For passengers, redBus fixes this issue by linking customers with some of the most dependable and trustworthy bus operators who value client satisfaction.

Popular Bus Companies and Bus Models

You can check the bus schedule and timings on redBus. You can order your bus online tickets from many dependable bus operators like Transtar Bus, KKKL Express, 707 incSupernice GrasslandStarmart Express etc

You can choose from different bus types that will have a host of amenities. These include – 


The majority of buses are outfitted with most of the necessary travel facilities to make passengers’ journeys more convenient and comfortable. 

City Plaza, The Plaza Beach Road, and the Golden Mile Tower are some of the most common bus loading points on the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur route. The following are some of the most famous drop-off locations.

The dropping-off points include:

What can you do here?

It is the capital of the country’s state of Pahang and one of the region’s major attractions. The following are among Kuantan’s most famous attractions.

With you can bus tickets online very easily. 

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