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Bus to Genting – A Guide to Bus Travel from SG to Genting Highlands


Traveling from Singapore to any city in Malaysia can be relatively inexpensive. You don’t need those costly flight tickets. Instead, you can travel by a much more convenient, comfortable, and luxurious option, buses. Buses are also cheaper and take you to all those places that do not have an airport. Genting Highlands is one such place where the accessibility is via road and you can easily book a bus to Genting. 

Singapore to Genting Highlands Bus Journey

Genting Highlands is an alluring hill station full of natural beauty and amusing attractions to entertain you. It is a beautiful place to be on a weekend or a quick family vacation.  Genting Highlands is a popular tourist destination for Singapore’s residents and tourists. It is the go-to place during the hotter season. Enjoy the more relaxed environment and find enough options to pass your time. 

The total travel duration is just about 7 hrs, with regular traffic, including immigration at the border crossing. At the border crossing, you must get down from the bus, cross the border on foot, clear the formalities, and board the bus on the other side. 

A bus from Singapore to Genting will drop you at the hotels, bus terminal, or Sky Avenue Station. The last one is from where you take the cable car and enjoy a ride over the millions of years old rainforest. This cable car is one of the famous attractions of Genting Highland. This is a must-do activity, even if you have taken a direct bus to Genting.

Taking a Gondola Ride 

Cable car rides are available between Awana Sky Central and Sky Avenue Station. The ride takes 10 minutes for a direct ride. But you can also have a stopover at the Chin Swee Station to visit the cave temples carved out of the bedrock. The temple is dedicated to a 9th-century Buddhist monk of the same name. This temple is accessible by cable car as well as by road. There are hundreds of parking lots for cars. The visit to the cave temple will take about an hour. Otherwise, the cable ride is just a 10-minute affair. 

The cable cars are operational from 10 am to 6 pm. You can purchase the tickets at the respective stations or book advance tickets just for the cable cars or as a combo with the tickets for the theme park.  Alternatively, you can book bus and Skyway tickets combo at as low as RM 18 from different bus ticket booking platforms like redBus. 

Things to Know when You Book a Bus to Genting

Before you plan a trip, here is some key information regarding this route and the buses. 

Things to do in Genting Highlands

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Bottom Line

With a resort, adventure park, and beautiful mountain, Genting Highlands can be mesmerizing. A bus from Singapore to Genting is the perfect opportunity to enjoy it all at a cheaper rate and comfortably. Online bus tickets are available at various portals, but you must choose a reliable one like redBus. March to September is the best time to visit here. Book your tickets now!


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