Visit these 5 Sports Bars when in Singapore

Just love watching your favorite team playing, no matter where you are, you will see to it that you find a place where you can watch the match all live. Don’t stress about reaching late for the screenings. Sports Bars Singapore allow you to enjoy your favorite game while relishing a few drinks!

The sports bars location are simply accessible by buses, which is one of the fastest modes of transport in Singapore. Buses are also easy means of transport across Singapore. Book online bus tickets and enjoy your time once reaching the venue. Buying tickets online will save your time and money.

Withal, if sport is not your ‘cup of tea’, these sport bars are a great place to catch up with old friends for a drink or a meal as beer is great and always available here. Here are some of the best sports bars to hit and mingle with fellow sports freaks as you:

Beer Market, Clarke Quay: This pub runs on the concept of the price of the beer fluctuating based on its demand, is also known as the ‘Beer Market Exchange’, and is a favorite haunt of many a football lover. All international matches, including those of the English Premier League, Champions League, etc. is screened here.

Urban Fairways Bar, Capital Tower: It is one of the best golf bars in Singapore and is also frequented by top golf players from across the world. Its indoor golf games, simulated on fifty world-class courses at various difficulty levels, allows fans to hone their golf playing skills in a highly relaxed environment.

Boomarang Bistro and Bar, The Quayside: This one’s for the Aussies! Authentic Australian cuisine served with beer while every possible Australian sport match is screened here, mini-Australia is what this bar turns into.

The Bank Bar & Bistro: Being refined on the surface, yet undoubtedly loud when filled with football lovers, simply expect an electric environment, well poised near the heart of the city.

Patro’s Bar and restaurant:  A bit separate from regular sports bars, this is a Mexican and North Indian fusion restaurant. An open beach restaurant facing the South China Sea, is a perfect venue for football lovers to come with family and friends. The laid back and chilled out ambience creates fun air while you sip on margaritas instead of your regular beer.

Whether you are a local, expat, or just you fancy to try out something, all of the bars are well versed for any kind of sports lovers across the Globe! 

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