Immigration Rules in Singapore while Entering by Bus

For traveling from Malaysia to Singapore, choosing a bus to commute is the most feasible and economical option. There are innumerable luxury bus options available that will take you to Singapore from Malaysia in a very relaxed and comfortable way. Although people from Singapore and Malaysia do not require visas to travel to either country. People from all the other countries must have a pre-stamped visa as a part of the public charge on their passport if they are traveling to Singapore by booking bus tickets online. Apart from this, various immigration rules need to be noted while traveling on a bus to Singapore. 

Some of the most significant immigration rules applicable to the Singapore immigration are enlisted below: 

On Arrival

After the passengers arrive at the checkpoint at the Singapore border, all the passengers are required to disembark at that point according to the rules. The security check cannot be done if the passengers remain seated on their buses. Along with that, the passengers have to take all their belongings and luggage off the bus to go through security and customs.

Passengers must note that they are not allowed to leave anything on the bus as, after disembarkation, a team of customs officials checks the whole bus. In case they find anything objectionable or illegal that belongs to you, it may be a trouble for you.

In case you carry anything objectionable or something that is considered illegal in Singapore like chewing gum, you must declare it at the time of security check. Non-declaration of any item falling under that category may lead to the imposition of fines. This will also lead to wastage of time for all the fellow passengers.

In case you possess taxable items, you need to proceed to the Red Channel for declaration, and others need to proceed through the Green Channel.

Mandatory Documents

Once you reach the checkpoint in Singapore, the authorities will examine certain documents. All the passengers must carry these documents for a smooth and hassle-free procedure of entering into Singapore.

Mandatory documents are enlisted below:

  1. A passport that must be valid for the period not less than 6 months
  2. Acknowledgment of the submission of SG Arrival Card
  3. Sufficient amount of money in your account to suffice your further stay in Singapore
  4. A valid Singapore visa

According to the new immigration rules, passengers may be asked for their Covid-19 tests considering the Coronavirus pandemic’s current situation.

Prohibited Items

Every country has its own rules regarding the legality or illegality of certain items depending upon its ethics and the cultural foundation it works on. As far as Singapore is concerned, certain goods cannot be carried while traveling to this country. 

In case you own any of these items, you should declare their possession at the security check and must not leave these items in your bus because buses are also checked at the checkpoints.

The list of items which must not be carried to Singapore according to the immigration rules is:

  1. Chewing gum (except for the medicated chewing gum) 
  2. Chewing tobacco or any imitation tobacco product like electronic cigarettes
  3. Firecrackers.
  4. Arms and ammunition.
  5. Sharp objects like knives.
  6. Obscene articles in the form of videotapes or software.
  7. Seditious or treasonable materials.
  8. Controlled drugs
  9. Psychotropic substances

In case you want to carry medicines in bulk, there is a strict requirement of the doctor’s prescription. The bulk will only be allowed if there is an urgent need.

It would be best if you went to the Red Channel in case of controlled goods. Different authorities regulate these items. You need to present your import license or authorization for these goods before the authorities. In case you do not have the import license or authorization, the authorities will keep all the goods until they are allowed to be taken into Singapore.

Passengers must note that in case they try to trick the authorities concerning the possession of any of these items, they will be heavily penalized.

Visa on Arrival 

Rules say that there is no provision of VOA or Visa on Arrival in Singapore. All the passengers traveling to Singapore on a bus must get an SG Visa pre-hand.

There is an exception in the case of Malaysians as they do not require any visa to enter Singapore. However, passengers of all other nationalities must have a valid visa stamped on their passports at the immigration time.

As per the immigration rules, all the people without valid visas will be denied entry into the country. 

General Guidelines

Apart from all the major immigration regulations discussed above, the authorities must follow certain general guidelines that must be followed at the time of immigration for a quick and hassle-free process.

  1. Passengers must fill their arrival cards before they queue for checking.
  2. Out of different lanes for locals and foreigners, passengers must stand in the correct lane to avoid any confusion.
  3. Passengers are not allowed to use their cameras while being immigrated, as photography and videography are prohibited in immigration. 
  4. Passengers must remove their hats or sunglasses.
  5. Passengers must have cash with them as there are no money exchanges at the border.

If you want your stay to be peaceful in Singapore, you must not get involved in unlawful or illegal practices.

Also, if you stay longer than the period defined on your visa, you will put yourself in trouble as overstaying is not allowed in the country. You must check the visa requirements for extensions for different stay purposes for stays that exceed 14 days, 1 month or 3 months.

Passengers must remember that any country would not investigate every detail. At the same time, you leave the country, but it is significant that you follow all the immigration rules, and you have a good code of conduct at the time of entry. You adhere to all the norms and guidelines laid by the authorities of that particular country. If you are planning to travel from Malaysia to Singapore from Malaysia, check out services by Transtar bus.

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