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A Complete List of Singapore to Kuala Lumpur Express Bus Operators

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The island country of Singapore is located ahead of the southern region of Malaysia. Its tropical climate and strong transport system, cultural diversity, nightlife, unique food and beautiful local markets make it a popular tourist destination. 

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, is also an extremely popular tourist destination due to its diversity in culture as well as its population. Its extremely attractive local cuisines and the various shopping opportunities it provides, make it an exciting place to visit. 

Travelling between the two locations is made extremely simple because of the presence of a large number of buses that help bridge the two places. Buses from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur cover the entire distance of a little less than 360 Kms on a trip of about 5 hours. Booking a bus ticket online between the two locations is made much easier with redBus, offering a plethora of options when it comes to operators. 

The popular bus operators working on the route are given below along with individual descriptions and information. 

StarMart Express

Regarded as one of the best bus services in Singapore and known for its ability to give passengers an affordable and convenient bus experience, StarMart Express is a favourite amongst travellers and tourists. It promises passengers their safety as well as a punctual transport option. It also provides a one-stop journey. 


StarMart Express offers passengers with the latest Scania and Nissan Euro-3 models. These include an air suspension system that is manipulated electronically. They ensure that their chassis follow maintenance and repair services that are carried out by well experienced and trained professionals. They are in compliance with the latest safety standards.

They offer a wide range of in-class amenities. These are:

  1. Efficiently designed seats, ensuring passenger comfort, fitting German standards
  2. The seats have the ability to recline to a comfortable 120-degree angle
  3. The seating has massage facilities in-built
  4. Equipped with a two-point security belt
  5. Spacious luggage compartments 
  6. A large amount of legroom allowing passengers of all heights to travel comfortably

Depending on the type of bus that is being hired, the provision of the above amenities may vary. Keeping in mind the COVID-19 pandemic, StarMart has taken various measures to ensure utmost traveller safety. Sanitation of the bus thoroughly, mandating masks for both passengers and staff and following social distancing rules, are among the extensive measures taken to prevent the further spread of disease. 


Most passengers rate their travel experience with StarMart Express between a 4 to 5 out of 5.

Transtar Travel

One of the leading bus travel services in recent years, Transtar Travel has done nothing but the most to earn its reputation. Without compromising their travel quality or passenger comfort and safety, they keep up with the latest requirements. 


In addition to its extremely affordable buses, Transtar Travel allows customers to choose the type of bus they want from a wide range of options. They pride themselves on providing customers with all essential amenities and ensure passengers a safe journey. They make sure that the customer has a very comfortable travel experience. 

The various in-class amenities provided may vary from one bus type to another. They generally include: 

  1. Charger socket
  2. Water bottles
  3. Air conditioning
  4. Lights for reading purposes
  5. Wi-Fi
  6. Reading material like newspapers
  7. Calf support (Motorized)
  8. Individual TV


Most passengers rate their travel experience with Transtar Travel a 5 on a scale out of 5.

Lapan Lapan Travel 

Ensuring customers fast and efficient service for more than two decades, Lapan Lapan Travels is among the top buses taking care of various types of travel needs.


Lapan Lapan Travel is popular for its ability to provide luxury buses without compromising on the customer’s care and safety.

A few in-class services provided are as follows:

  1. Reclining seats
  2. Generous legroom
  3. Ample luggage space
  4. Air conditioning 
  5. Sanitised buses 

Price range: 

SD22 to SD37 – depends on the route type. 

About SD30 for Singapore to Kuala Lumpur 

WTS Travel & Tours Pte Ltd

Hiring well-trained employees and ensuring that passengers have comfortable travel experience, this bus service prides itself on providing rides to people of all classes. The company has won numerous awards, the Singapore Prestige Brand Award being amongst them. This only goes to show how popular and successful this operator is amongst travellers. 


WTS Travel and Tours provides its passengers with nothing but the highest level of comfort as well as safety. They provide a two-way luxury bus, available for travel between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and other routes. They are daily operators and run express buses on a week by week basis. They provide high comfort on both long as well as short journeys.

Some in-class amenities provided are as follows: 

  1. Televisions 
  2. Video-on-demand services
  3. Affordable prices

Causeway Link

Causeway Link is a bus service that has been running for almost two decades now and has not once failed in providing customers with the best travel experience. They are amongst the topmost reliable bus services in Singapore and Malaysia. They pride themselves on being punctual and ensuring passenger comfort and safety. 


These buses are well equipped with everything that is necessary to ensure a safe and comfortable as well as hygienic journey and travel experience. Its top aim is to allow its buses to be accessible to a wide range of customers, thus being affordable.

The various in-class amenities mentioned below may vary from one bus type to another; however, the general provisions are as follows:

  1. USB or Charging socket
  2. Comfortable and clean seats
  3. Water bottles
  4. Lights provided for reading purposes
  5. A communal TV
  6. CCTV cameras


Causeway Link buses are rated between a 4 or 5, on a scale 5, by most customers.

Eltabina Jaya 

Eltabina Jaya bus service has been running for almost three decades now, with its head office located in Kuala Lumpur and popularly known as Eltabina, the plaza. It is known for its wide range of choices when it comes to passengers travelling on a bus. They provide both express coaches and chartered coaches. They are amongst the extremely well-reputed bus operators. They are amongst the topmost travelled buses in Singapore.


Eltabina prides itself on their cost-effective and pocket-friendly prices. Punctual and efficient, these buses never fail to provide their customers with a satisfactory bus travel experience. 

The various in-class amenities may vary depending on the chosen bus type; however, the usual provisions are as follows:

  1. Comfortable slip seats
  2. Real-time GPS tracking
  3. USB sockets
  4. Recliner seats
  5. AC
  6. Wi-Fi 
  7. Generously spacious luggage areas

KKKL Travel & Tours Pte Ltd

KKKL Travels & Tours is one of the best bus services in terms of efficiency and traveller comfort. They have been functioning for about three decades and have never failed to provide their customers with the best possible travel experience. 


These buses come with a variety of amenities which equip the bus for smooth travel. Among them are:

  1. Experienced drivers
  2. Well trained staff
  3. Air conditioning 
  4. Reclining seats

The One Travels & Tours 

Amongst the top 10 buses in Singapore, The One Travels & Tours boasts comfortable and safe bus travel facilities, having served more than a million passengers. 


  1. Cordial staff present to take care of all passenger needs and queries 
  2. Well experienced drivers
  3. An optimal level of punctuality 
  4. Comfortable seating 
  5. Safety provisions and measures

redBus is available for all your bus booking needs. You can choose amongst the operators mentioned above, which happen to be closely affiliated with redBus and book your travel accordingly using the redBus official website or the application.  

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