Rolls-Royce & Majestic Ferry Sign MoU for Greener Maritime Industry

Rolls-Royce and Majestic Fast Ferry have signed an MoU to promote a greener maritime industry. It was signed at Rolls-Royce Solutions Asia's 50th-anniversary celebration in Singapore, enabling clean, energy-efficient sailings for Majestic Fast Ferry's 11 ferries. 

Rolls-Royce and Majestic Fast Ferry have embarked on a momentous partnership, signing an MoU that is set to revolutionise the maritime industry. The signing took place at the prestigious 50th-anniversary celebration of Rolls-Royce Solutions Asia in Singapore, underscoring the depth of their collaboration. This landmark agreement has paved the way for clean, energy-efficient sailings for Majestic Fast Ferry’s current fleet of 11 ferries, all equipped with mtu propulsion systems. 

This event also marked the 100th mtu engine that the ferry operator acquired from Rolls-Royce Solutions Asia, a branch of Rolls-Royce’s Power Systems division, in 2016. Majestic Fast Ferry is powered by the 100th engine in the mtu Series 2000 lineup, the 16V 2000 M72, which has 1,440 KW of power.

Giovanni Spadaro, Managing Director of Rolls-Royce Solutions Asia and President of global markets for Rolls-Royce Power Systems, stated: “In a world where challenges are complex and interconnected and resources limited, collaboration becomes imperative. Through this MoU, we pledge to leverage our respective strengths, resources, and networks to drive innovation, foster sustainable development and positively impact our communities and beyond.” 

Under the terms of the MoU, Rolls-Royce and Majestic Fast Ferry have committed to a continued collaboration to ensure the sustainability of ferry services. This includes the development and use of propulsion systems and engines that can operate on renewable and hybrid fuels, such as hydrotreated vegetable oil. This shared commitment to sustainability is a clear demonstration of both companies’ dedication to environmental responsibility and their role in shaping a greener future for the maritime industry. 

Max Tan, the director of Majestic Fast Ferry, said,  “Majestic Fast Ferry is currently 30% more fuel-efficient than our competitors. We are proud of this progress as we continue to reduce emissions in our operations. We will continue to assess and review our fuel strategy and ensure we remain at the forefront of efficiency and decarbonisation.”

As Batam became popular for domestic travel in 2023, Majestic Fast Ferry began operating its high-speed catamaran service using mtu-powered vessels. This allowed them to cover the distance faster than they could have with slower, conventional monohulled vessels.

To move closer to the commercial deployment of hydrogen solutions, Rolls-Royce tested a 12-cylinder gas version of the MTU engines last year using only hydrogen fuel. Thanks to green hydrogen, these MTU engines should be able to run CO2-neutrally in the future. 

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