Singapore National Day- Where to Enjoy the Best

The Singapore National Day is celebrated on 9th August every year and is a public holiday where people come together to celebrate their freedom. This day marks the sovereignty of Singapore, which the country gained in 1965. The independence of Singapore was declared in August 1963 from Britain. After the Merger Referendum of Singapore in 1962, it joined the Federation of Malaysia in 1963. After two years, Singapore left this federation and became a country on 9th August 1965.

Singapore Celebrations on National Day

The people of Singapore start their National Day celebrations during the final weeks of July, and the celebration will continue for the entire month of August. The celebrations for National Day include carnivals, concerts, and many other social activities.

The celebrations’ largest event includes the annual National Day Parade. This is held in the National Stadium of Singapore in front of over 60000 people. The parade would be nationally televised as well.

The National parade features performances from school and military bands, solo vocalists, a 400-piece drum ensemble, displays by the Armed Forces of Singapore, professional dance routines, along with vehicle shows, free-fall parachute displays, a presidential gun salute, tower rappelling, and a national flag fly-by.

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Special Events in National Day 2020

  1. National Day Parade

The National Day celebration in Singapore incorporates a theme that is reflected in the celebrations. The National Day Parade involves marchpasts, mass-displays, school band displays, choir performances, sky-diving displays, and similar light-hearted performances. The significant parts of the parade include Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Police Force, and Singapore Civil Defence Force.

The show includes three major acts that are followed by a song or a grand finale based on the theme. As soon as the parade gets over, the celebration continues for around an hour. In the end, many officials cut the cake in gratitude for all the people who performed incredibly. Even the Spectators get a National Day Parade Funpack, which would contain drinks, snacks, and other useful items that vary every year.

2.      Singapore Fireworks Celebrations 

During the Singapore National Day, the sky lights up like crazy. The beauty of the sky is unimaginable, and people cherish this sight forever. The night sky lights up on 9th August every year, and the celebrations feature many international and national fireworks teams who spread this amazing magic to brighten up the darkness of the night sky. The display first started at Marina Bay in 2004, and since then, it was called the Singapore Fireworks Festival.

Places to celebrate these events

  1. Venue for the National Day Parade

Usually, the heritage grounds of Padang are the venue for the National Day Parade. Singapore was declared as a free nation at this place, and the first parade took place here. From 1976, the events started taking place in National Stadium. The stadium has so much more capacity, and because of this, more people started coming to witness the parade’s beauty. From then, Marina Bay’s Floating Platform gets to host Singapore’s National Day Parade. The nearest bus stop is the bus stop no. 80199.

2.      Marina Bay Waterfront

Marina Bay overlooks the skyline of Singapore and is a free location to view the celebrations and parade. There will be giant LED screens placed in this area so that people would get clear views of the wonderful celebrations. RedBus can take you to the nearest but stop, Marina Bay Financial Ctr.

3.      Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer flies above the ground at 165 meters and is a fantastic way to watch the fireworks and festivities with an incredible view. The evening fireworks look amazing from this magnificent slow-moving Ferris wheel. However, it is important to book the tickets in advance. You can get down at the Aft S’pore Flyer bus stop to reach this attraction.

4.      Gardens by the Bay 

The Garden by the Bay is a beautiful place where you could watch the fireworks amongst the tree-like structures. The ethereal ambiance of the place is perfect for watching the captivating sights of the celebrations. The nearest bus station is the Bef Gdns by the Bay.

5.      Esplanade Bridge 

The Esplanade Bridge is also a very convenient location and very crowd-friendly to watch the entire National Day. The bus station closer to the bridge is Opp S’pore Cricket Club.

6.      Helix Bridge 

The beautiful architectural marvel offers magical vantage points to see the gorgeous celebrations. The location is located close to the fireworks display. You can get to this location using redBus by getting down at Aft S’pore Flyer.

Experience Singapore National Day by taking part in the celebrations this year! With redBus, you can reach the perfect vantage point to see the spectacular and magical show this National Day 2020!